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Can You Wax + BE A Respected Advanced Skin Esthetician?

Meet Jana Denney, a certified DMK International Skin Revision Clinician and a Face Reality Acne Expert, she also is the savvy Owner and Founder of Good Times Beauty! We say she’s savvy because she’s got multiple revenue streams in her business and she cross promotes them all day long!

Jana Denney is NaturaverdePro’s Feature Esthetician because she lives for serious skin care but also knows that lash / brow services that include brow shaping are a huge money maker! Jana also knows that body waxing, much like clearing acne, is another way to change a client’s life by giving them a boost of  confidence!

Jana also shares with us how you can learn to be expert waxer quickly and easily!

How Jana Denney, Advanced Skin Esthetician Cross Promotes Services

When we saw that Jana was certified by DMK and Face Realty we assumed that clients came to her for high level skincare and she converted to brows. 

So we asked, “Do you ever convert skincare clients to brow waxing?”  Jana replied, “All the time!”  We discovered her genius when she told us, “I’m actually really grateful that a lot of my clients already know my insane love/passion for brows and most inquire with me first. Most say they’ve seen my Instagram! Which I’m beyond grateful for.”

So it seems Jana also converts her brow clients to skin care clients too! 

Jana went on to tell us, “But –  I always ask my facial clients questions about their lashes and brows since I offer those services as well! I’m curious about their routines. I like to compliment their features, but let them know I’m always here and ready to take them on as potential guests of ALL my services ~ especially if I really feel like I could do a great job and really help them improve!” 


Jana Denney Complete Brow Service

We stalked Jana’s IG and came across this IG post (read the caption) that piqued our interest in her lash brow services!  Jana’s truly savvy move is to not just do brow shaping but to offer a complete brow / lash menu of services where she combines lash lifts and brow lamination with brow shaping.

Jana told us, “I use Elleebana’s One Shot on lashes & Elleeplex Profusion brows.” We asked her to breakdown how she shapes and laminates in the same treatment. 

“Using Elleeplex Profusion on brows really allows me a good amount of time to ensure each brow hair is saturated and groomed to the exact shape I want for each client. I do all my waxing and shaping towards the end of my service, usually while the tint is on I’ll start the shaping process.” Jana Denney 

NaturaverdePro Soft Waxes For Brow Shapings

We asked, “What NaturaverdePro wax do you use in these shapings?”

“I use all NaturaverdePRO hard waxes mostly, but lately I’ve been getting more into their Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax and their Deluxe Pink Cream Wax  for shaping brows with coarser textures, or anyone who has many tiny hairs as it’s incredible for picking up the tiniest of hairs too!” Jana Denney

We were curious if she used the same wax for every brow wax.  We asked, “Do you use the same wax or do you switch it based on if you’re doing a lash lamination etc?” 

“I will absolutely switch it up! I actually like to have different wax options going all day long.” Jana Denney

Clearing Acne + A Brazilian Wax Can Boost Confidence

Any advanced esthetician who treats acne clients knows that clearing a clients acne can change their lives. During the research for this article we reviewed Jana’s IG and found a  IG POST that showcased how her body waxing treatments build confidence. Wow – how cool is that? Does anyone ever think about how clearing acne and Brazilians are the same?

“That’s actually my favorite reason and why I wax. I know the feeling I felt when I got waxed for the first time… maybe it was the adrenaline, but I felt like a damn super hero! Hahahaaa! It’s a super special service to offer ~ you really create a cool bond with your intimate waxing guests! I go from seeing someone be bashful about a vulnerable service to a badass confident woman who wants to take on the world from even the first wax on! It’s the coolest thing ever to me! It’s rad seeing all these bad ass babes getting their pubes ripped out once a month.

Just the other day I was waxing a client and got teary eyed because she was telling me a story about gaining her confidence back from being waxed. She’s newly divorced and her ex never ‘approved of’ these types of things. She gets gnarly ingrowns in her bikini area and shaving was causing it to flare up insanely bad every time, almost daily. She started crying because she feels as if being waxed is a liberating experience for her – something she does for herself and it makes her feel UNSTOPPABLE!! I just adore that for her!!” Jana Denney

NaturaverdePRO Hard Wax For Body Wax

We asked Jana to tell us what she uses for body waxing. 

“For Brazilian and bikini waxes I’ll use the NaturaverdePro Gold Flex Hard Wax but their Blue Flex Hard Wax  typically comes into play when there’s stubborn or super soft hairs that I’m having trouble picking up. And definitely Blue Flex Hard Wax for legs! It spreads so perfectly and really does pick up every little hair!” Jana Denney

NaturaverdePRO Will Teach You To Be An Expert Waxer

We know the team at NaturaverdePro is amazing and offers exceptional education, but we wanted to hear what Jana thought about it – so we asked her. 

“I love NaturaverdePro’s education because it’s straightforward and down to earth. They aren’t trying to sell you on everything. In my opinion, it feels like they are just wanting to give Esthies great education to make waxing as a whole, much easier! We all know, you don’t get the best education throughout school when it comes to waxing, and NaturaverdePRO knows that! They’re direct, but in no way shape or form does it feel as if they make you feel less than for not being super skilled right out of the gate. I’ve taken other courses where it feels too stuffy and pretentious. NaturaverdePro is always a good time!!” Jana Denney

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