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7 Tips On Talking to Clients About Ingrown Serums

Ingrown serums work by treating, preventing, and decreasing irritation caused by ingrown hair such as irritated hair and bumps.

How Ingredients In Ingrown Serums Work

The main ingredients you want to look for in ingrown hair serums include:

Salicylic acid- Probably one of my favorite ingredients as it serves a multipurpose role: Salicylic acid provides exfoliation that the skin needs to help release trapped hair. Therefore, when it comes to ingrown hair, it helps shed the top layer, thus, the trapped hair is able to be released. SA is also great for reducing inflammation of the pores and oil control when it comes to ingrown hair.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is another powerful acid (aha) that is great for exfoliating the top layer of skin, along with brightening. Glycolic acid is a fan favorite when it comes to sloughing dead skin cells away and brightening areas. 


Alcohol is easily a fan favorite to some and others despite the use of alcohol. Keep in mind, having alcohol as an ingredient in a formulation is just fine, as you’re not getting a full dose. The reason why alcohol is a must for treating and preventing ingrown hairs is due to its property as an antiseptic. Never forget, some ingrown hairs present themselves as inflamed or infected pustules with pus. You do not want to spread bacteria, therefore, using an antiseptic is necessary. Alcohol will also help calm down the itching caused by ingrown hair.

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Natural Soothing Antioxidants or Botanicals

Although ingrown hairs need result-driven ingredients, there are many who like to take the holistic approach. Some soothing ingredients include, but are not limited to: tea tree oil, lavender, papaya extract, willow bark, etc. These ingredients have been used to help with skin tone and soothe the skin.

ingrown serums

Contribution by Monique Waters

Monique Waters is a rising star in the Southern Florida business scene largely because of her irreverence for convention. 

Her sister company, WU Aesthetics has emerged as a pioneer in the beauty industry.   Under Monique’s leadership, this enterprise brings breakthrough aesthetic treatments and products to the market.  Monique’s creativity is the driving force behind WU Aesthetics’ popular ingrown hair serum known as the ingrown killer.  WU Aesthetics is also revered for its luxury film wax, Emerald Gold and industry-best pre and post wax oils.

Monique also spends time teaching continuing education unit approved courses in Florida and serving as the south Florida DermaplanePro trainer.

You can learn more about Monique’s business ventures, instructional courses, services and products by visiting www.waxunique.com and www.wuaesthetics.com.

How the Ingredients Impact the Skin

The picture shows how powerful, and results-driven salicylic acid is when used in a high-quality formula.

ingrown serums
Photo by: WU Aesthetics

How Should Ingrown Serums Be Used

To be proactive in treating and preventing ingrown hair, serums should be used daily. Of course, following the manufacturer’s directions is vital. Most result-driven products will require you to use the serum daily, depending on the strength. For example: Restore Serum is to be used 2x/day using a cotton round to apply on the affected area. Once the area of concern is under control, use 2-3x a week as maintenance.

7 Tips On Talking to Clients About Ingrown Serums 

Educating your client on how health skin maintenance is key to helping them have healthy skin post-waxing treatments.  

Tips for talking to them would be:

  1. Explaining the importance of exfoliating with proper products and not overdoing it.
  2. Using serums with active ingredients.
  3. Maintaining waxing treatments to see the best results.
  4. Not picking at ingrown (although we know they are) SO have them use clean hands and sterile tweezers.
  5. Make sure they have a do’s and don’ts list post-waxing.
  6. Express the importance of having patience with ingrown hair.
  7. If using a roll-on, make sure only the affected area is treated, you don’t want to spread bacteria.

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