5 Tips To Increase Sales With Instagram Stories

Make More Money!

Yes!  You can honestly start increasing sales With Instagram Stories today.  Instagram is one of the best platforms to represent your business –  it allows you to create content that can enhance brand identity!  Set your brand apart from others by using the “fun features” of Instagram Stories on the content that you share. 

But it’s not all fun and games!  These “fun features” can provide a business the ability to grow their sales revenue!

Instagram Stories Can Help You Boost Sales

Getting a return on an investment is the number one focus of every business owner when they spend their time or money. 

We recommend using Instagram Stories, it will be time and money well spent!  

You can express your businesses identity!

You can get to know your customers!

You can generate excitement about an event!

You can attract new followers!

You can send customers to your website!  

Instagram’s “Fun Features” Are The Key

Instagram has an assortment “fun features” that you can add to content that you want to share on your Instagram Stories. 

These “fun features” hold the key to Instagram’s ability to help you increase your sales!  

  • Gify
  • Music
  • Text
  • Stickers
  • Tag Other Users
  • Tag Locations
  • Ask A Question
  • Run A Poll
  • Do A Countdown
  • Add A Hashtag
  • Swipe Up (Outbound Link To Website). This option is only for users with more than 10,000 followers.  

5 Tips To Increasing Sales With Instagram Stories

  1. Express your business’s identity!
    Have fun!  Add music, and gifs to your content to show you who you are. Be funny.  Be serious. Be pretty. Be cute. Be crazy. When customers identify with you, they’ll buy from you.
  2. Get to know your customers!
    You can use the Ask A Question feature and the Poll feature on Instagram Stories to find out what your customers want. Selling what customers want is the best way to increase sales.
  3. Generate excitement about an event.
    You can use the Countdown feature to help create excitement for an upcoming event that you’re having in your business.  You can sell more at events when more people come to those events.
  4. Attract new followers.
    If you add a popular #hashtag to your Instagram Story, users will be able to find your post and engage with your post.  You’ll find new followers for every post. More followers, more opportunity to convert to paying customers.
  5. Send customers to your website.
    With Instagram Stories swipe up feature, which embeds a hyperlink into your post, you can send customers to any website that you would like.  More web hits will build your Facebook Pixel audience and give you more opportunity to sell.


These tips will help you create fun and engaging Instagram Stories.  This will help show your business’s unique brand identity while enjoying the robust Instagram Stories feature and help you grow your sales.

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