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Why Polyhydroxy Acids Pads Are Good For Sensitive Skin 

ID Skin Hero Pads just launched three all-new polyhydroxy acid based, at-home, and pre-treatment pads that just hit the U.S. skin care market. 

Let’s talk about them. 

Why Should You Care About ID Skin Hero Pads?

We reached out to Kristen, the ID Skin Founder, and asked her, “What’s new for Peel Season?”

She replied, “Our 3 new ID Skin Hero Pads!”

“Honestly, we love pads, but I wasn’t over the moon about talking about this product because I feel the L+A community of professionals is a little more advanced. 

But, I was intrigued because there were three types of ID Skin Hero Pads and all three contained Polyhydroxy Acids.”  Barry Eichner 

The Polyhydroxy Acids in ID Skin Hero Pads Intrigued Us

“When I saw the pads featured Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA), my gut told me that was a pretty cool feature, so I decided to investigate further. 

I knew the company was launching the ID Skin Hero Pads at the West Palm IECSC, so I met with Carole and Kristen of ID Skin at their booth where I had a chance to chat with them about why Polyhydroxy Acids are special and LOVED what I found out!” Barry Eichner

Sensitive Skins Can Tolerate Polyhydroxy Acid 

Size matters. Because the Polyhydroxy Acid molecules are larger they don’t penetrate deeply. They have proven to give similar results as the smaller molecules with less irritation in a clinical study. They’re great for sensitive skin. There is less sensitivity and sunburn risk. The benefits are published as – helps reverse sun damage, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and makes skin more hydrated, elastic, and toned. All in all, combining them with glycolic and lactic acid gives a combination of deeper and more surface activity. Allows the overall percentage of acid to be higher and still very tolerable for maximum effect and minimum irritation.” Kristen Flaharty, ID Skin Founder

Kristen also shared this with me. “Researchers found that both ingredients had anti-aging benefits, but that PHAs were less irritating. “PHAs have a larger molecular structure than AHAs and BHAs, which means they take longer to penetrate and won’t penetrate as deeply,” Engelman says.  

Carole Lester of ID Skin gave me this nugget, “ PHAS (polyhydroxy acids) are a second-generation AHA. They exfoliate dead skin cells which as we age build up on the surface of the skin and do not turn over, as they once did. They’re great for desquamation.”

ID Skin Hero Pads

We Tried The 3 ID Skin Hero Pads

The ID Skin Hero Pad collection includes:

Intensive – Exfoliate & Brighten

Retexturizing Exfoliate & Brighten

Rescue – Oily Skin & Blemish Control

Our Questions About The ID Skin Hero Pads


After looking at the three names, my first question was pretty obvious. “What’s the difference between Retexturizing vs the Intensive?” Barry Eichner 


Kristen told me, “The Retexturize is a regular strength and is for newbies to exfoliate. The Intensive is for those who exfoliate regularly and use retinol, as their skin is desensitized and therefore need the step up formula. The pads should NOT be used in conjunction with other exfoliation, such as Retinol, however. All pads should be used as tolerated, when the skin feels tender, back off and let the skin “turn over” more dead cells and then resume.


After Kristen discussed use, I asked, “ How do you see estheticians using these?  Can they be part of an in-treatment chemical peel as a first step?” Barry Eichner 


Ideally they are sold as a retail  follow up treatment, BUT they can be used as part of a “refresh/reset skin treatment” in the treatment room.  Simply apply in circular motion to cleansed skin, using the pad to saturate all areas of face, use 1 inch from under eye and let penetrate for 10-15 minutes, remove with warm cloth, apply serum or finishing oil for a bright and refreshed look.” Kristen Flaharty, ID Skin Founder


“Would you suggest the pads be used as part of a peel prep for the clients’ skin? Barry Eichner 


“They are best used in-between chemical peels, when the skin has stopped the original peel process and is basically now recovered and is forming new dead skin cells. The ID Skin Hero pads will continue the results of the aggressive peel until they can return for another round of chemical peeling. While there is nothing wrong with using them before a peel, the selling point is to use them as an in-between regime since they are already coming for a peel, but now could use an at home follow up.” Kristen Flaharty, ID Skin Founder 

Intensive ID Skin Hero Pads

The ID Skin Hero Pad – Intensive provides a maximal dose of lightening and brightening power. Each soft-woven pad contains a combination of 10 acids including powerhouse glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids combined with polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), exfoliants, and natural antioxidants. Provides a Hydroquinone-free maintenance agent for keeping skin bright and glowing. 

Retexturizing ID Skin Hero Pads

These are a lighter strength pad and where you should start with new clients or clients new to chemical peels. 

The ID Skin Pro Hero Pad – Retexturizing is the perfect dose of lightening and brightening in the power of an exfoliating pad. Each soft-woven pad provides a combination of 10 acids including powerhouse glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids combined with polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), exfoliants, and natural antioxidants. Use on cleansed skin daily or as tolerated. Leave on or remove after 20 minutes 

Rescue ID Skin Hero Pads

The ID Skin Hero Pad – Rescue exfoliates and cleanses away oil, debris, and hyperpigmented skin layers. These pads are formulated with a combination of alpha and beta-hydroxy acids, skin brighteners, natural antioxidants, sebum reducers and calming agents. Overall, this product provides patients with a tool to fight blemishes and reduce oily skin without dryness or irritation.

ID Skin Hero Pads

Thanks to ID Skin for sponsoring this content so that we could help our community learn more about Polyhydroxy Acids and how they can be used on sensitive skin. 

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