I Pulled An All Nighter….

Yes, I pulled an all nighter… But it’s not the kind you think!

I was working really hard hydrating and plumping my skin!  It was exhausting. Um, actually, it was a breeze, all I did was sleep!  My handy new patches from SiO Beauty did all the work!

See I had a little work done during the night – a FaceLift of sorts! Because, if I were forced to choose between the two signs of aging on my face that bothered me the most… I would declare it a tie!  It would be a tie between the road map on the sides of my eyes. It’s like someone took the skin and just crumpled it up like tissue paper and I can’t get it to lay flat again!   Then there’s the parentheses around me mouth. It’s like, life just let the air out of my face and my cheeks deflated.

Don’t get me wrong.  It could be much worse!  I mean I’m pushing 50 and get accused of being in my early 40’s on some of my freshest days!

Once a young man asked me if I was in my 30’s. I informed him that if he kept going on like that, at some point I would have to doubt his sincerity.  But I reassured him that I’d let him know when he reached that point.    

Ok, back to my face and it’s need for a lift.  See, I’m lucky, it’s much better than it could be.  I’m so lucky! I get to try so many amazing products.  I can’t imagine how big my pores would be if I didn’t peel and scrub like I do.  And I get scared when I think of how deep the lines and wrinkles would be without amazing new finds like the new SiO For Him FaceLift!


blog - sio beauty face lift


I found SiO Beauty in New York in the spring and started a conversation with Nino, from Marketing.  Then in this past summer, I chatted with Nino again in Las Vegas and became obsessed with the brand when I saw the SiO For Him FaceLift!  The SiO For Him FaceLift contains the new men’s line designed to also target express lines on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes with a new super shape that targets lines from the inner crease to the outer crease and a set of smile patches to target laugh lines.

I had to try it! SiO encourages their customers to “pull an all-nighter”!  That’s right – you wear them to bed! Firm and plump while you sleep! OMG – the results were so good! My skin was smoother!  It was also much more hydrated!

blog - sio beauty before and after


Do you see how the nasal labial folds (the deep creases on the sides of my nose) – disappeared?

Want to see more amazing Before & Afters?

blog - sio beauty facelift kitI reached out to Nino from SiO Beauty to ask him, “Why….how….tell me how this magic happened!”  He explained, “With SiO’s comfortable, potent medical grade silicone patches, you can visibly plump and erase the appearance of telltale aging lines on your face and neck with SiO’s overnight FaceLift.”  He also told me that you can re use the patches  up to 15 times. They will continue to promote the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and boost collagen production.

Don’t worry ladies, they have a FaceLift kit for you too! Each SiO Beauty FaceLift kit contains 4 of some of the top selling patches in one convenient pack to help target expression lines on the brow, crow’s feet around the eyes and the dreaded tech neck.

The best part about SiO is that you can get a patch for nearly every part of your body!  Shop for a full FaceLift, Super Eyelift, Super Liplift, or the BrowLift!  They even have a Handlift option and they’ve got Elbow and Knee Rescue Lift!  So many options to lift and hydrate!  If you’d like to offer SiO Beauty at your spa, you can sign up for a wholesale account here.

Thank you to SiO Beauty for sponsoring this post.

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