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3 Exfoliating Skin Care Treatments Roxy LOVES

3 Methods Of Professional Exfoliating Skin Care Treatments

By Roxane Drese + Jessica Kramer

Why We Need Professional Exfoliating Skin Care Treatments

Everyone can benefit from professional exfoliating skin care treatments.  These treatments help with smoothing texture, diminishing hyperpigmentation, softening of fine lines and wrinkles.  As skincare professionals we have so many options when choosing the best treatment for our clients, but there are many factors to consider when choosing the specific products to use.  There are chemical or mechanical exfoliation options.  You can even combine both together in a single treatment.

Part of being the best skin care professional you can be is really listening to your client and identifying their need. Listening to their complaints, their routines, and asking about their lifestyle will help you achieve the best results. After you listen, it is important to do a thorough analysis of the skin in order to formulate the best treatment plan for your client.

There is an abundance of information available about skin care on the internet, clients have access to way more knowledge than ever before which sometimes will challenge our suggestions. Combating misinformation given to clients and educating them on proper care is key. It is important that we stay more educated and continue learning, constantly staying one step ahead.  The L+A Seasonal Skin Care Guides are a great way to stay abreast of hot seasonal skin care products.


#1 Why Would You Choose to use Dermaplaning as a Professional Exfoliating Skin Care Treatment?

Dermaplane or epidermal leveling is a common professional skincare treatment. In my treatment room, at SkinRX Clinical Spa in Southlake Texas, dermaplane has been the most popular treatment over the last couple years. Clients love it because it is an instant gratification treatment, leaving the skin instantly smooth with no downtime, removing both vellus hair and dead skin.  It also increases absorption of topical products.

EX 1: We should choose to dermaplane when a client complains of “fuzzy” or unwanted hair on the face. Vellus baby hair is easily scraped away with the sharp blade. Although this is only temporary, it gives that client instant gratification. We recommend our clients receive a dermaplane treatment every 4-6 weeks.

EX 2: Dermaplane is a great option for those with fair, vascular prone skin. It is a gentle mechanical exfoliation unlike microdermabrasion.   It will not cause broken capillaries or excessive redness.   Sensitive skin typically do great with dermaplaning.  I prefer to use a facial oil prior to dermaplaning with a 10R blade.

EX 3: We also choose a dermaplane for dry skin types. In my professional opinion, dermaplane is better with oil for dry skin types, which is now known as “oilplaining”.  Products absorb nicely after this.  Be very cautious with Acne prone skin. We want to avoid any active lesions and risk spreading any bacteria.


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#2 Why Would You Choose to use Microdermabrasion as a Professional Exfoliating Skin Care Treatment?

Microdermabrasion uses a special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin in order to rejuvenate it. Microdermabrasion a great form of mechanical exfoliation for most skin types, when choosing a professional exfoliating skincare treatments.  Providers have the option to choose between crystal or diamond tips. Looking for a new microdermabrasion machine, check out The L+A Tech Tool Box.  

EX 1: The perfect candidate for microdermabrasion will complain of dull skin, larger pores, rough texture and/or sunspots.

EX 2:  Microdermabrasion is great for those with less vascular sensitive skin. The suction feature may be too aggressive on vascular skin types. Also, patients that are sensitive to acids or who have many allergies. Avoid Rosacea skin types.


#3 Why Would You Choose to use Chemical Peels as a Professional Exfoliating Skin Care Treatment?

Chemical Peels are available in so many variations. Once you are familiar with different acids and the pH of the skin, then these professional exfoliating skin care treatments can yield incredible results. There are several different levels of chemical peels, and this is where your thorough client consultation comes into play. Educating the client on post-peel protocol and products is crucial to a positive outcome. We always look forward to “Peel Season” at SkinRX!  The L+A Top 10 Unique Peel List is a great go-to resources for a list of effective peels.  

EX 1: Skin that has previous breakouts and signs of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Melasma and uneven skin tones do great with a series of peels.

EX 2: Chemical peels are a great option for lower Fitzpatrick clients.  Higher Fitzpatrick clients need to be prepared, or “prepped” properly with tyrosinase inhibiting products typically two weeks prior to peels.

EX 3: Sun damaged, wrinkles and fine lines, complaints of larger pores. These treatments increase the collagen production in the skin, therefore mature skin can benefit greatly from chemical peels.

Combining Multiple Professional Exfoliating Skin Care treatments.

EX 1: A client who has rough texture, lots of pigmentation and sun damaged skin.

Protocol: Performing a dermaplane or microdermabrasion prior to a light chemical peel such as Lactic can show great results.  

EX 2: A client who is oily and acne prone and concerned about post inflammatory pigmentation.

Protocol: Performing a microdermabrasion then completing the treatment with a light chemical peel such as a gel based Lactic & Salicylic product.

In all, it comes down to you as the licensed skin expert to decide what is right for each client. Your ability to analyze and collect all data such as budget, and consider the patient’s lifestyle and the environmental factors before deciding the best treatment is paramount. Knowing your clients skin type, product and treatment history will assist you in choosing the best treatment for them.

With all of these options it is crucial to go over post treatment protocols with your patients, as well as provide post products. This will assist in keeping the patients comfortable for the days following treatment, as well as give them optimal results. As always, give your clients realistic expectations when it comes to results, never over promise! Remember, it is common to perform these treatments in a series in order to get the results possible.    

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Guest Blogger – Roxanne Drese

Roxanne AKA Roxy, is a multiple award-winning esthetician at The Skin Games.  She’s a dynamic leader who grew a solo esthetician practice into a thriving clinical spa, SkinRX Clinical Spa in Southlake, Texas!  She is passionate about professional skin care.  She focuses on education and is always looking to expand her own knowledge base and help her team to grow!

Guest Blogger – Jessica Kramer

Having been in the industry almost 10 years, Jessica’s passion is working with people to make them not only feel relaxed and beautiful, but confident as well. She specializes in all aspects of age- management, and is definitely a results driven esthetician. She enjoys passing on her knowledge to her clients so that they can make informed decisions and get the most out of their time with their appointments at SkinRX.


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