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5 Power Ingredients In Your Hyperpigmentation Arsenal

As an esthetician, you have many choices when it comes to ingredients treating hyperpigmentation. It can be very difficult to treat hyperpigmentation, so you’ll need an arsenal of products. These can include acids, tyrosinase inhibitors, and SPF. Here are a few to move to the top of your list, and some great reasons for doing so! 

5 Power Ingredients To Fight Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin C 

A powerhouse ingredient for lightening pigmentation. It can be used daily, even multiple times, and has an entire deck of other beneficial benefits above and beyond lightening and brightening. It is important to seek out a bio-available form, and then use it with repetition and consistency. We recommend M.A.D C4 INTENSIVE BRIGHTENING SERUM.

Lactic AND / OR Glycolic Acid

These are skin resurfacing agents that can be used professionally in the treatment room but are also available in serums, creams, and even cleansers. Lactic Acid is a gentle option well tolerated by all and happens to be great for hydration too. Glycolic Acid packs more of a punch for a more aggressive approach. Try using them simultaneously for amplified results! We recommend M.A.D RADIANT BRIGHTENING PEEL for use in the treatment room and FADE GEL 6 for client at-home use.

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Contribution by Christopher Kuever

​Joining M.A.D Skincare with more than 16 years experience in the esthetics industry, Christopher’s understanding and deep passion for teaching encompasses a unique view of skin, protocol, and product synergistically working together.

Christopher’s career started as an Office Coordinator at a South Florida Medical Spa. During this time, he also finished a degree in Business Administration. It was clear to him esthetics was his passion and so he decided to complete the necessary schooling to become a licensed aesthetician. After years working with clients, experiencing various product lines and modalities, he entered the manufacturer side of the business, honing in on education and spa sales.

Licorice, Emblica, Mulberry, and Bearberry Extracts 

These all share a natural, botanical source in common. These surprisingly effective lightening agents are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. If you are looking to paint with a broad brush when it comes to lightening ingredients, keep an eye out for one or more of these! We recommend M.A.D RADIANT BRIGHTENING PEEL for use in the treatment room and M.A.D SPOT ON TARGETED SKIN BRIGHTENING SERUM for the treatment room and client at-home use.


This is a peptide technology that is now widely used in skincare formulations designed to tackle pigmentation issues. I love the efficacy of B-white, but also the fact that it leads to a PROGRESSIVE lightening effect. Since peptides are neutral, there are no contraindications, making this a dependable ‘go-to’. We recommend M.A.D ILLUMINATING DAILY MOISTURIZER for use in the treatment room and M.A.D RADIANCE BRIGHTENING NIGHT CREAM for client at-home use.


This is arguably the MOST important product to use when it comes to successfully treating irregular pigmentation. Although SPF does not have lightening or brightening capabilities of its own, it is what removes the trigger of UVA / UVB exposure! This is a must if you want to maintain your progress gained from all the aforementioned ingredients.” We recommend M.A.D HYPER SHEER SPF 50 DAILY MOISTURIZER  and/or  ON GUARD SKINSCREEN SPF 30 .”

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