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Is A Hydrodermabrasion Facial Safe In The Summer?

Is a hydrodermabrasion facial safe in the summer? Here’s all you need to know! 

As the summer months get closer, we begin to evaluate our treatment offerings and make adjustments as we know the skin needs to be treated differently in the summertime. Some options are to reduce the number, or intensity of the peels that we offer, and incorporate treatments that are more hydrating, involve antioxidants, and can help with sun damage. 

Is A Hydrodermabrasion Facial Summer Safe? 

Around this time of year, one question we often get asked at DermaJEM is if a hydrodermabrasion facial is summer safe. The answer is yes it absolutely is! While there are acid-based exfoliating solutions used, they are low concentrations that will give your clients excellent results while still being safe to use year around. 

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Benefits of A Hydrodermabrasion Facial 

This is one of the major benefits of having a hydrodermabrasion facial as part of your treatment offerings. Since it is a dual exfoliation that pairs both chemical and mechanical exfoliation methods, neither one of the treatments need to be aggressive to be effective. You can even pair it with a summer-safe peel, like the Alpha Jewel peel from Dermastart, or the Delicate skin resurfacing peel from M.A.D. Skincare, if you have a sensitive skin client the Incredible Enzymes from Hale and Hush are a fantastic option. You can deeply exfoliate safely using any of these combinations with hydrodermabrasion. 

Now, while it is safe to use year around it is important that your clients are using sun protection daily and we would recommend not having direct sun exposure for approximately 72 hours post-treatment. Since the sunlight will be more intense for these months, reiterating best practices and reapplication of sunscreen is recommended to ensure your client gets the best results from their treatment. 

Another benefit to using hydrodermabrasion in your summer treatments is it will prepare the skin to properly absorb all the hydrating and skin-boosting ingredients. The deep exfoliation provided will give better penetration of the active ingredients that are used afterward and allow them to function better. 

Hydrodermabrsion Facial

Contribution by Elizabeth Camacho

Co-Founder, Sales, and Education Director of DermaJEM, Elizabeth began her career in beauty while in college at Florida State University. She began working in makeup with MAC cosmetics and, after she graduated, moved back home to Miami and continued her career in the makeup industry with private clients, print, and fashion shows.

After getting her esthetics license, her career took her into professional spa product sales and training, spending the majority of her time making connections with other estheticians and business owners, helping them to grow their knowledge in both the business of owning a spa and in new treatment training. Finding a passion for empowering others with the tools and focus to grow their own businesses into thriving local and destination spas.

Tip For Summer-Friendly Hydrodermabrasion Facial 

One great tip to help your hydro treatments be more summer-friendly is to pair them with cooling modalities. Since hydrodermabrasion increases blood flow it can also increase the sensation of warmth in the skin. Which can be intensified as the temperatures outside increase. That is why finishing your treatments with a cooling modality like oxygen infusion or cold therapy will feel fantastic. It will also help with any redness or inflammation in addition to helping increase product penetration. That blissful cooling sensation will be a welcome treat for your clients. 

We know that hydrodermabrasion provides a powerful but gentle exfoliation. We also know that our clients benefit significantly from a professional exfoliating treatment. This is especially true in the summertime when they are more prone to have skin issues from the increase of oil production, heat, sweat, outside activities, and vacations. Proper exfoliation is essential to keep the skin in its optimal state. The deep exfoliation gives actives like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants a chance to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

With a couple of slight adjustments, hydrodermabrasion can be perfectly safe for the summer months. Its deep gentle exfoliation can provide exactly what your clients need during this time. Continuing to enhance the results of your treatments and protocols even during this time of year. 

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