Hyaluronic Acid PinFusion Facial

Hyaluronic Acid PinFusion Facial

Non-Invasive Alternative To Needling – An All-New Technology For Estheticians

Any device that creates channels into the skin with titanium needles belongs to the category Micro-needling. Controlled wounds trigger the recreation of the skin’s tissue network and also leads to inflammation that can get out of control in highly reactive skin. These devices are also out of the scope of practice of many estheticians.

Safer alternatives are Nano-channeling with a Nanochip, which can still be out of the scope of practice for many estheticians.

The PinFusion Facial 

We’ll discuss an all-new technology for ALL estheticians – Micro-channeling with 3d-lized Hyaluronic EpiPins. While Nanochips  ‘scratch’ the skin’s surface to create superficial pathways, EpiPins create actual channels AND dissolve into the skin, filling in wrinkles at the same time.

Join us for this one-hour webisode.

Host is Jennifer Crable, Trainer for the EpiPin

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