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How Body Treatments Help Clients

Head To Toe Body Treatments 

Body Treatments Help Clients In Ways You Never Thought Possible

If you want to elevate your spa and skin care business – you can grow by adding body treatments. Learn to think outside of the box by adding treatments that you can layer on to your existing skin care business.

We have selected 4 educators to join us and discuss topics that can help you grow and expand the services that you offer.

Lymphatic Drainage
This modality is vital in so many spa services! Gain the confidence you need to have when you’re explaining the lymph system to your clients. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to educate clients in order to help them select the best treatments for their overall treatment plan.

Learn the basics of lymphatic drainage so you can understand how the lymph system works and how it impacts all of your body treatments.  Arlene White will join us to give an introductory presentation of Professional Skincare Training‘s Lymphatic Drainage course.

Learn about Cavitation and how it works to burst fat cells in the body and contribute to fat loss. Learn how you can help clients reach goals they once thought impossible. You can help them re-shape their bodies – with cavitation.  This incredible modality causes fat cells to burst inside the body!  Elizabeth Camacho will join us to review DermaJEM’s OPUS Cavitation and Radio Frequency Device.

Elizabeth will share how offering this incredible treatment can help clients achieve body goals in a healthy and safe manner.

Wood Therapy
Ania Garido Cardena will join us to showcase wood therapy and explain how this modality helps to fight cellulite.  She will showcase the many Wood Therapy tools from SculptICE. 

Ania will show you how you can grow your business by adding wood therapy body treatments to your treatment menu.

Enzyme + Chemical Peels for Feet
Learn how you can grow your sales by adding a foot chemical peel to your existing facial clients.

Christoper Kuever from M.A.D. Skincare will join us to review the incredible power and benefits of the all-new M.A.D Skincare Therapeutic Foot Treatment that includes a dual action peel.

Join us for this 90 Minute Webisode.


Ania Garido Cardenas
Elizabeth Camacho
Arlene White
Christopher Kuever

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