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Hot New Skin Care Finds From Our Festival

Hot New Skin Care Finds That We LOVE!

Yes!  Hot new skin care finds are something that we love to be able to bring to you!  We had so much fun during out Virtual Skin Care Festival!  The one thing we really enjoyed was bringing you some unique products that will help set you apart from other spas and skin care businesses.

5 Stand Out Products From The Virtual Skin Care Festival

1. Youth Firm by GLYMED PLUS
This peel is a hot new skin care find because it harnesses an exclusive formulation with a 30% Protease Enzyme engineered to mimic the skin’s own naturally occurring Cathepsin-D. This aids in the facilitating AHA peel results without the wounding. A great peel year round as it has been proven in-clinic to produce less than 5% photosensitivity.  The enzymes help to reduce the texture build up, it reduces inflammation, helps with redness and is great to help manage rosacea along with their repairing products. LEARN MORE
2. Anti-Aging Formula by Bend Beauty from Alexander Aesthetics II
A hot new skin care find that you’ll put in your body every day as opposed to on your skin.  Transform your skin from the inside out. With 6 powerful active ingredients this formula goes deep to target the root cause of skin aging resulting in healthy, dewy, more youthful skin, and reduces skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn*.  Learn More  
3. Jenasus Growth Factor Peel by M.A.D. Skincare from California Skincare Supply
The Jenasus Growth Factor Peel is generally considered a medium level peel containing Multi Fruit Acid, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid. The depth of this peel is determined by the number of layers applied during application and the tolerance level of the skin it is applied to. It is recommended that new users begin with 1-3 layers for a light/medium peel. Generally 4-6 layers will result in a medium/deep peel and 7-8 layers can result in a deep peel. SKIN CONCERN: Jenasus Growth Factor Peel is suitable for most skin types particularly mature dry, and sun damaged skin. Sensitive skin types should consult with a skin care professional to determine if the Jenasus Growth Factor Peel is an appropriate choice for them.  Learn More  
4. Hyda Dew Pure™ Oil - Repêchage
This oil is a hot new skin care find because it was just launched by Repêchage! Formulated to address the needs of skin that is severely dry or compromised by environmental aggressors such as pollution, UV light, and weather conditions or overly-aggressive skin treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Environmental aggressors and harsh treatments can lead to inflammation which may increase the visible signs of aging in the skin.  Learn More
5. EpilFREE Face System - E.F. Tropics
The Facial Care serums is designed for the fragile skin of the face. The packaging itself makes use on the face comfortable. Instead of a spray bottle, the activator in the Facial Care kit has a small pump. The activator is prepared with its own serum viscosity that is designed to spread the serum on the small treatment areas. A very small amount of the activator is needed which is patted gently onto the skin. By the end of five minutes, the activator will gently open the hair follicle four times its normal size and will hold it open for 25 minutes.  Learn More

Pics Of Our 5 Hot New Skin Care Finds

Thanks to Repêchage, California Skincare Supply, E.F. Tropics, Glymed Plus and Alexander’s Aesthetics for sponsoring this article.  

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