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Face & Body reveals Hot Fall Spa Treatments

2 Days of exploring the spa world with Skin INC Magazine, one of the staples in the U.S. Professional Skincare Industry and they did a great job organizing a great event in San Jose, CA!  They had treatments, live demonstrations, products and classes to share!

Amazing Treatments

We Found Several Hot Fall Spa Treatments

If you’re looking to add something special to your treatment menu for Fall, we’ve got you covered.  We had a chance to chat with several major professional brands to see what they were showcasing that would be ideal for cooler weather months.  When your clients are getting less sun, they can safely start to resurface again.

Katie Anderson Talks about Hot Fall Spa Treatments

We had the chance to speak to Katie Anderson, from Skin INC and Face & Body Spa Expo and Conference.  She projects that spas will be implementing more CBD based treatments and offering more CBD based products to promote wellness.  She is excited about Circadia’s new CBD collection and loves the CBD products from Dermamed Solutions.

Hot Spa Treatments For Fall on the Live Stage

Hale & Hush and MYSKINBUDDY showcased the now famous Unicorn Tears Treatment!  Kris Campbell and Ghada offered the attendees a free seminar on how to combine the Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye and Lip Serum with MYSKINBUDDY to create amazing add-on treatments for your clients Eyes and Lips!  This unique product and device combination is an innovative way to use traditional spa products and new technology in your treatment room!  

Education on Hot Fall Spa Treatments 

If you want to learn how to perform some of the hot fall spa treatments, Face & Body Spa Expo and Conference is the place to be!  There was 2 full days of Advanced Education from some of the most respected trainers and brands in the industry.  There were classes that showcased how to incorporate light therapy and essential oils into spa services.   


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