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A California Girl’s Favorite SPF

Shirley Avila’s Top 5 Fav SPFs

Hale and Hush SPF 30 is Shirley Avila’s fav SPF for her sensitive skin clients. 

Shirley is an award-winning esthetician, writer, and brand representative.

She’s based in Sunny Southern California, which means she lives most days in the bright and beautiful sun.

She’s agreed to highlight her favorite SPFs for us!

hale and hush spf

A Beautiful Reminder That May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! This is our way to help raise awareness for the importance of wearing sun protection, spf, sunscreen every single day!  No matter the weather, no matter if you’re going to be in direct sun or not, no matter if you’re going to be indoors all day.

SPF, sunscreen, sun protection, however you say it, you have to wear it every day!


Shirley’s Top 5 Favorites SPFs

Hale and Hush SPF 30

The Hale and Hush SPF 30 is a staple in my back bar for any sensitive skin care clients I may encounter as well as any I may have done an aggressive treatment on and still need to have a broad-spectrum SPF of UVA & UVB protection to walk out of my treatment room with. This is white creamy sunscreen that will ball up if you do not wait to put on before other serums are penetrated into the skin, so be gentle and pat into the skin. Active ingredients: Zinc Oxide 13.5%

hale and hush spf

Nature Pure Skin Glow Tinted Mineral Moisture Screen SPF 50
I absolutely am in love with the Nature Pure Skin Glow Tinted Mineral Moisture Screen SPF 50 and use it daily for myself because it slightly tinted, is a mineral sunscreen that blocks both UVA & UVB and is an SPF 50 factor! Not only does it contain the ingredients to help protect against sun damage but also some to help with aging with the certified organic Soy Isoflavones concentrate. Not tested on animals, family-owned business and made in the USA! Not scented. Active ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 3%, Zinc Oxide 15%

Anna Lotan Silky Clear SPF 30
Love this clear gel sunscreen for most of my clients as it does not leave a white, greasy residue! It is both UVA & UVB broad spectrum, mineral sunscreen. My male clients love it because it doesn’t feel like they have anything on, and my female clients love it because they can use it as a primer before makeup. It has a noticeably light scent that both male and female like. Active ingredients:

Tizo SPF40 Tinted Water Resistant
This is a great option for clients who have undergone cancer treatment as this sunscreen sits on top of the skin and blends into the skin color. It is a broad-spectrum SPF 40 UVA & UVB mineral sunscreen. It has been known to be water resistant as well for 80 minutes. They also carry a non-tinted version as well. Active ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 8%, Zinc Oxide 3.8%

M.A.D. Photo-Guard SPF50 Self-Adjusting Foundation Serum: Neutral
The Photo-Guard SPF50 Self-Adjusting Foundation Serum is a great option for gals who want to wear a finished makeup look and still be protected with a mineral sunscreen of SPF 50. It is amazing to see the color transform before your very eyes as the color adjust to your skin tone!  Active ingredients: Octyl Methoxycinnamate 7.5%, Titanium Dioxide 5%, Zinc Oxide 5%



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