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Never Put Baby in the Corner – Hale & Hush is for Everyone

Hale and Hush has been a breakout superstar in the world of treating compromised skin. The brand was re-born by Kris Campbell from a brand that was traditionally used to treat clients dealing with skin complications from cancer treatment. However, we beg you, “Never put baby in the corner!” This brand can work for all clients!  Acne, Hyperpigmentation, and Skin Laxity! 

Hale And Hush Can Stand on Her Own Two Feet 

In your treatment room, you can look to Hale and Hush to be your go-to brand for treating almost any type of skin. If you’ve got acne clients – you’ll love the professional back bar products to clarify the skin. If you have clients with hyperpigmentation, you’ll love the AHA refiner along with the home care to help break up the melanin deposits. Finally, if you’re working with clients who want fewer fine lines, and firmer skin – you’ll love the potent antioxidants in the brand’s home care along with the products that are exclusive to the professional. 

3 Tips To Using Hale and Hush For All Your Clients

Hale and Hush

Hale and Hush for Acne

Hale and Hush is a great brand for acne. First, many acne clients tend to be teens – both boys and girls – so the brand’s unisex color palate and non-existent fragrance make the home care perfect for boys and girls. 

The lightweight Hush Hydrate Gel is a perfect home care moisturizer for oily skin. The two cleansers Quiet Wash and Refine Polish are ideal for acne skin. Neither has harsh surfactants so they won’t strip or dry the skin. Refine Polish will work to remove excess dirt, debris, and oil that can clog pores. The Clear Future Toner is perfect for oily / acne-prone skin because of the Salicylic Acid in it. Every client must have a Soothe Essence Serum, this is going to reduce redness and work to restore barrier function! 

The Incredible Enzymes are ideal to help strip away the dead skin. It plays double duty and works to help re-texturize the skin after breakouts. 

Hale and Hush

Hale and Hush for Hyperpigmentation

Hale and Hush can be a go-to brand for treating dark spots. First, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the BeeDazzle Revitalize in treatment, this will help you strip away dead skin. The Mandelic and Lactic acids are ideal to attack skin tone issues!  

Then send the client home with the Rare Retinal Serum, The Rare C Serum. This powerhouse duo is ideal to work on skin tone! The Rare Retinal will work to improve cell turnover to keep whisking away the darker skin cells. The Rare C Serum works as a brightener to attack the melanin deposits.  

Hale and Hush

Hale and Hush for Skin Laxity

Hale and Hush can be the first choice to treat the tell-tale signs of skin aging: laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. 

The heavy-duty combination in the treatment of the Incredible Enzymes followed by the BeeDazzle Revitalize and closed off with the Hush Hydrate Mask and Relief Bio Powder is a powerful resurfacing treatment that uses enzymes and AHA to purge the skin of surface dead skin – thus minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All, while calming and cooling the skin – bringing the skin back into balance.

Then clients can then use the Rare C Serum and Rare Retinal Serum daily am/pm respectively. Then alternate the use of Vital Lipid Lotion and Saffron Meristem Cream. These two moisturizers are jam-packed with ingredients that mature skin will love. If skin is losing volume and experiencing collagen degradation, the potent ingredients in these two sophisticated moisturizers will be just what the doctor ordered! The Eye Mousse is also another must-have that will plump and hydrate!! 

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