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PRO Tip to Amp Up Peptides, Stem Cells, and Growth Factors

Growth factors, peptides, and stem cells are amazing for the skin, we all agree on that! Especially when our clients get to take it home for homecare. Estheticians work so hard to create beautiful change in the skin but, we all know, that’s only 30% of the treatment process. The other 70% is up to the client staying consistent with home care. This opens up an entirely new conversation. Are our clients getting maximum results from their peptides, stem cells, and growth factors?

Why Growth Factors, Peptides, + Stem Cells Are Good

First, we need to step back and evaluate each of these amazing ingredients and what they’re meant for. Peptides are for collagen production, plumping, and firming of the skin. Stem Cells are amazing for cellular turnover and again, collagen production. Growth factors are for reducing and smoothing fine lines and ultimate collagen synthesis. Now that we know this, we can see that they each in their own way aid in collagen production, firming of the skin, and smoothing of texture. When we send our clients home with products full of said ingredients, are they actually getting that ingredient to where it actually needs to go to be able to perform what it’s meant to?

Jessica Cooley

Contribution by Jessica Cooley

Jessica Cooley is located in the beautiful area of Lake Murray in South Carolina. She is a licensed Esthetics Instructor and International Award Winning Esthetics Mentor. Jessica is married and has 2 beautiful children. Jessica is also the owner of LAYERS: Skin Journey in Lexington South Carolina where she specializes in corrective and oncology work. Not to mention that she is the CEO of Skin Wand Pro where she developed an at home nano channeling device during the covid shutdowns of 2020. Come 2022 she will also be the Esthetics instructor at Bella Beauty School in gorgeous Columbia South Carolina.

Getting Growth Factors, Peptides, and Stem Cells Through The Lipid Barrier

When applying serums topically there needs to be a mechanism to help the serum penetrate the barrier and allow the serums to go deep into the skin. For collagen production, we need ingredients to get as far down as possible. If the serum is only applied to the surface, it may penetrate down only a couple of layers and won’t be able to reach the bottom of the Epidermis where new skin cells are being created. Here’s an example of this… client applies peptide serum by only rubbing it in. The peptides are absorbed and only go as far as a few layers where cell death has already begun. No change can happen when the skin cells have run its course of life and are in the process of dying. So how do we get peptides, stem cells, and growth factors closer to the layers of rebirth and change? Nano Channeling is amazing.

Using A Nano Channeling Device At Home For Improved Delivery 

Now don’t cringe or get scared by the thought of empowering your client to Nano Channel at home with Skin Wand Pro. The research has shown us that a depth of 0.15 mm is the perfect depth to create a controlled inflammation where all the magic happens within the healing process. This depth is only a quarter of the depth we provide in our treatment rooms. This way your clients are able to maximize the benefits of the serums full of peptides, stem cells, and growth factors. Channeling with Skin Wand Pro pushes those ingredients beyond the layers where cells are on their last leg and into the layers of strong cells where change is still able to happen. Also, by getting ingredients further down into the layers, they are able to create a more permanent result versus temporary results if they were only applied topically. 

Believe me, when I say, Nano Channeling is amazing to retail to your clients. You are not only helping them to get the best results possible from the serums you prescribe, but also they are able to maintain your 30% out of the 100% it takes for fabulous results. Our clients pay good money for these ingredients and we need to make sure they get lasting effects from all the goodies we prescribe to them.

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