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Mandelic AHA Exfoliator + Brightening Mask. A Two Step Winner!

The Golden Hour Brightening Mask was the star of the show in a recent facial that Jenni experienced. She just knew the 4 brighteners in the soon-to-be, cult-favorite, mask were going to be uber-effective!  The mask was applied after a very active AHA exfoliator that kicked off this all-new Free + True facial

Free + True Skincare 

We met Tami Blake, founder of Free + True skincare at an IECSC event in 2022.  During a conversation with Tami, she told us that she had some really incredible things coming up for Free + True, so we asked her to keep in touch with us. 

If you don’t know Free + True, the collection harnesses potent California-grown botanicals and marries them with clinically proven, clean science to nourish skin both inside and out. You will feel facial fresh in minutes giving you the freedom to pursue what matters most.

We Got To Try the Free + True Products 

Tami sent us some retail products and the entire professional back bar lineup for the Free + True Universal Brightening Facial that features the Golden Hour Brightening Mask. 

“My first impression was that the packaging was gorgeous! I tried each of the products and was more and more impressed as I went through the cleansers, serums, and moisturizer. Gorgeous textures, gorgeous scents, and the ingredient decks are a beautiful marriage of effective and nurturing.”  Barry Eichner.

“I can’t say enough about the Universal Brightening Facial that I received. The products are not only a phenomenal sensory experience, but the actives in them are highly effective! You have to read my review of the Universal Brightening Facial that features the Golden Hour Brightening Mask.” Jenni Nagle

Golden Hour Brightening Mask To Combat Hyperpigmentation

This mask is bright yellow, very thick, rich, and formulated to fight dark spots. 

Golden Hour Brightening Mask is a Mixture of Four Powerful Brighteners

Vitamin C
Turmeric Root
Licorice Root Extract
Mulberry Root Extract

These are some of the earth’s most powerful brighteners for the skin! You can review the Free + True ingredient list to learn how the above list works to brighten the skin. Not only will this all-new back bar mask give your skin a brightening boost;  you will love this product’s thick creaminess. It is highly hydrating and nourishing to the skin because of the Black Cumin Seed Oil and the Allantoin. 

The mask is very thick and you may think that it’s going to be hard to use, but it spreads easily. It’s also very easy to remove from the skin. It leaves the skin bright, plump, and dewy! 

Mellow Mandelic AHA Is Perfect Set Up For the Golden Hour Brightening Mask

We all know that in order to ensure the most efficacious delivery of brighteners – the skin’s surface needs to be free of dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. The  Universal Brightening Facial uses Free + True’s Mellow Mandelic AHA to clear off the skin’s surface so it can accept the four brighteners in the Golden Hour Brightening Mask.  

The Mellow Mandelic AHA combines Mandelic and Lactic Acids to remove dead skin cells and loosen cell bonds to promote turnover. This product also combines five botanical extracts including Hibiscus Extract which helps to prevent environmental damage. 

Jenni Reviews Universal Brightening Facial featuring the Golden Hour Brightening Mask

“Everything was experiential from beginning to end – the cosmetic elegance of each product is beyond, from the textures to the fragrances.  

After cleansing with the Marigold Morning Creamy Gel Cleanser and the Rezenerate NanoCleanser brushes, my skin was deeply cleansed and ready to prep with the Mellow Mandelic AHA Exfoliator.  Don’t let the name fool you! My skin was warm and pink near the cheekbones after about five minutes – although no tingling took place.  After removing it, our in-house esthetician Kristian said, “Wow – that really stimulated your skin!”

We did a second cleanse to ensure all of the product was removed. Next, Kristina misted the Free + True Hydrosol Toner.  It smells as if you are walking through a rose garden!

To further calm and cool the skin, Kristina used the Tropical Fruit Facial Massage Oil along with the Rezenerate NanoGlobes that had been chilled in ice water.  What a feeling! 

Since my skin was slightly sensitive, we opted to use the Reznerate device to nano-infuse the Ramblin Rose Hyaluronic only to my forehead, where I am constantly fighting lines!

Kristina then applied the Golden Hour Brightening Mask. I was convinced I’d have a tinge of yellow skin from the turmeric post-treatment (it is SO THICK), but the removal was easy. The mask was effortless to remove and my skin simply glowed! 

After the mask was removed, I laid under Celluma LED light therapy for 30 minutes. After the Celluma treatment, Kristina applied the Bright Side Vitamin C Serum and Ramblin Rose Hyaluronic. Kristina then used the DermaJEM Anima Aria ultrasonic spatula to further infuse the product.  

The final steps included the Freedom Fighter Antioxidant Face Oil and sun protection.  

My skin is glowing, hydrated, and smells like a tropical forest! I’m in love.” Jenni Nagle 

Golden Hour Brightening Mask

Thank you to Free + True Skincare for sponsoring this content so we could share this amazing mask with our community. 

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