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Give Mom A Grande Mother’s Day

Make Mother’s Day Grande

“Go big or go home!”  Isn’t that the saying that people use when they want to make a big splash? Well, we’re gonna change that! Over here at Lipgloss + Aftershave our resident Mom is obsessed with lashes.  If you’ve seen Jenni’s #MakeupMonday’s Facebook Lives, you know she’s got lashes for days and she gives a lot of the credit to Grande Cosmetics!  So as per Jenni, we now say “Go Grande Or Go Home!” 

Also, SIDE NOTE:  Tune into Jenni’s Make Up Mondays at 10 am EST for make up advice that every woman can use!  Practical tips and tricks, with some fierce guest make up artist interveiws too!  

The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gifts can be hard in the spa/skincare world.  Let’s be real, there’s no Mom out there who wants an “anti-aging” serum for Mother’s Day.  Like, yeah, she wants it and will get it for herself, but, like for Mother’s Day – eh not so much!  So giving the perfect Mother’s Day gift is an art form in the skincare industry.  

One thing you can count on is that Jenni and I have been in the spa/skincare business for many, many…. many years.  (It hurts to say how many…) Anyway, after nearly 2 decades of working in spas, running spas, and consulting to spas, we’re pro’s at coming up with the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day!  We reached out to our team of skincare guru’s and asked for some ideas for Mom.  We asked for goodies that will make Mom’s life easier, better and brighter! 

We know that you’ll love what they came back to us with!  There’s something for every Mom!  A relaxing facial experience, home care devices, and of course, something for the lash lover!  

This Week’s Part Of The Pack POP! – Grande Gifts For Mother’s Day

Grande Cosmetics – Lash and Brow Set

 Get to know Jenni’s “go-to” duo for bomb lashes and brows!  She’s been using both Grande serums for a few months now and is loving the results.  if you want to learn more about this set, and why Jenni loves it so much – CLICK HERE

dmGlow by Dermamed Solutions

 Nothing will make the Mom in your life happier than a relaxing skincare treatment! Especially on that involuves the ancient modality of facial cupping.  Combined with gentle manual and chemical exfoliation that will bring Mom some gorgeous new skin cells to the skin’s surface.  Then Mom can relax and enjoy all the benefits of a botanically infused mask. Want to know how the dmGlow works  – CLICK HERE

ZAQ – Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser

 Getting a deeper clean on a daily basis is very important to skin health!  Giving Mom an ultrasonic facial cleanser will help her get a deeper clean – every time!  This is an amazing treat and has several settings, all with exceptional benefits.  Want to know more  – CLICK HERE

Silcskin – Full Face Set

Want to give Mom a gift that has been designed by a 2 time Emmy Award Winning Make Up artist?  These are made from 100% medical grade silicone, and were developed using a platinum curing process which means they’re stronger and longer lasting. Help Mom protect delicate skin around her eyes.  Want to know more    – CLICK HERE

4 Great Ways To Give Moms a Grande Mother’s Day

This year be sure to offer something for every Mom!  Help her relax with a glowing facial tretment, help her to grow longer lashes, give her a device to cleanse and moisturize her skin and finally give her a solution to protecting the delicate skin around her eyes!  All of our Mother’s Day suggestions from our team of skincare guru’s would be perfect gift for Mom!

We’d like to thannk Grande Cosmetics, dmGlow, ZAQ and Silcskin for sponsoring this post.  

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