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Get Illuminated

That’s right, you know the song!  Sing along with me, go ahead grab your hair brush, close the bathroom door.  It’ll be our little secret.

Don’t worry, you sound JUST like Rhi-Rhi!  We all do. Now if we could all just look as good as she does!  The clothes, the jewelry, the hair, that even toned, gorgeous skin that doesn’t have a single damn wrinkle – that can only belong to a 30 year old who is worth millions.

No, I’m not bitter… I’m fine.

I’m totally happy with looking 40 as I approach 50.  You too, can be content with how you look – I mean – provided that you take care of your skin the way I do.  I mean, why look 50 when you can look 40? Why look 40 when you can look 30?

Honestly, I love the wisdom that comes with age, but you can keep just about everything else.  

Ok, maybe you’re not going to be starring in your own music video.  Maybe you’ll be hopping in the car and heading off to Target or headed off to school pick up.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve skin that, has a radiant shine – or skin that is firm, or eyes that are free of droopy lids with dark circles.

Want to revitalize your skin?  Get rid of those little dark spots?  Want to get some lift in those eyes and knock out the dark circles?  Want to plump up those fine lines that just seem to come out of nowhere?


You’re in luck, we’ve found a line of products that combines the best of nature and a tiny bit of the most advanced science.  This revolutionary line is imported from Israel and formulated by a world renowned cosmetic chemist, Yoel Konis Phd. 3 products that will give you everything you’ve been asking for in anti-aging skincare.


If you’ve got dark spots, I feel your pain. They can be so frustrating.  One sure fire sign of aging is when all those years of sun damage start to show up on your face.  The revolutionary, natural product, Illuminating White can help knock out stubborn dark spots.  Please don’t let the name fool you, it’s for all skin tones, and will not turn anyone’s skin white.  This amazing spot treatment will help to treat all six Fitzpatrick skin tones to lighten dark spots.


When it comes to my battle with father time, it’s all about my eye area.  It’s a cruel trick of nature that, as you age, your upper eyelid just gives up and starts to travel south to meet your lower eyelid.  I’m constantly on the lookout for something to lift and firm.  Illuminating Eye is one of the products I love.  This product is jam packed with antioxidants and peptides to help firm, plump and brighten.


See as we age, skin loses volume. It’s just one of the many ways, that our skin just gives up and betrays our need to look and feel 35 forever. (or is that just me?)

If you’re looking for a product to plump up those fine lines – then you will fall in love with Illuminating Young.  This product is a stand out – it uses a Fatty Acid Delivery system to help deliver not one, not two, but THREE types of hyaluronic acid.

Read more about Illuminating Young in our Fall Fresh Faces Guide!

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