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Ah, February!  Your claim to fame is President’s Day and Valentine’s Day.  Oh… and my birthday. I mean it’s always too damn cold, but I love my birthday.  I’m sure there’s not a whole lot of people who have strong feelings either way about President’s Day.  Eh, we can’t really say, “I’m going to take the day off for President’s Day and spend time with family.”

But then there’s Valentine’s Day.  Seriously, some people get into it and some people hate it!  I mean really hate it!

But then there are those new couples, fresh in love, who are so blissfully happy.  So excited to shop for their one true love. The cards, the flowers, the candy, the spa gift certificates!

Awwww, don’t you just love J+BAE?

Regardless of which one you are, we can all agree on one thing!

My Birthday is the best part of February!  

However, if you DO have a Valentine – and you are going to go out on a date, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to glow!  So, hold on to your candies boys and girls  –  we have the only Date Night Prep for you!

If you’re looking to get a glow on for a hot date for Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve got the line up of products for you!  Wait, did I say, products?  I mis-spoke! We also have the most amazing new treatment for your Date Night Prep!  Guaranteed to get you glowing for your special night.  In fact, we were able to see the treatment, live, in person!  We were invited to the launch party for dmGlow at Cure de Repos, here in Philadelphia.  

We had a great time exploring the party at Cure.  We saw the dmGlow treatment being performed and had a chance to talk with other beauty bloggers about their experience.  I LEGIT overheard one say, “…best facial, I’ve ever had in my life….”!  Amazing, right?  So we scoured the shelves at Cure to find some amazing products to go with the dmGlow for the perfect Date Night Prep, here’s 5 things you’ll need to glow on your date.

This Week’s Pop 5 Products To Give You A Date Night Glow!

California Skincare Supply  – Lavish Lips from M.A.D Skincare

This collection of lipsticks is NOT your Gram’ma’s lipstick!  First, they come in 15 totally fashionable, gorgeous shades! Second, they have a triple – yes i said – TRIPLE anti-aging technology poured into every sensational shade.  Want to know how you can fight aging and look super sexy for your date –   Click Here

Control Corrective –  C Defense Serum 

We’re so proud to announce that Control Corrective is allowing us to launch this product for them!  This brand new Vitamin C serum uses a very specific technology allowing for long term moisturization. Want to know what this technology is – Click Here

Guinot – Hydra Beautie

Give your skin a burst of refreshing hydration.  You can refresh your skin with a spritz of this therapeutic mist.  Want to know the incredibly hydrating ingredient that will flood your skin with moisture  –  Click Here.

dmGlow by DermaMed Solutions

OMG!  You don’t know how amazing this treatment is, the 3 part service will activate your body’s own internal systems literally –  giving inner beauty life!  It gently resurfaces your skin, drawing your body’s own life forces to the surface and then it  floods your skin with a botanical infusion, leaving your skin with a radiant glow.  Want to know how to get your glowClick Here.

Babor – Perfect Curl Mascara 

If you’re not into lash extensions, but want long gorgeous lashes with the perfect curl –  Click Here.

If you follow our advice, you’ll have glowing skin, that’s protected and hydrated as you prepare for your date!  Top off that radiant glow with a sexy and powerful lip color that will give you triple protection. Then bat those perfectly curled lashes as you sip champagne!  Enjoy the evening.

Thanks to dmGlow, Babor, Guinot, Control Corrective, and California Skincare Supply for sponsoring this article.

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