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4 Botani-Clinical Methods of Using Fruit For Glowing Skin

The Botani-Clinical Approach Of Using Fruit For Glowing Skin

Using Fruit For Glowing Skin

If using fruit for glowing skin has you imagining mashed up strawberries being spread over a clients face while someone sings kumbaya and burns sage; you’ll want to let go of those visions.  Not that there’s anything wrong with singing kumbaya or burning sage.  Lord knows, we all have some demons that we’d like to keep at bay and sage can do that trick every thyme. (Herbal pun intended).

The point is – using fruit for glowing skin in the “botani-clinical” sense is much more sophisticated. The brands that we’ve found look to nature to get their ingredients and then take those ingredients to the lab.  In the lab, they convert the base elements of those ingredients into highly effective skincare. We found several products that leverage nature for acids, and potent antioxidants.

4 Effective Botani-Clinical Uses of Fruit For Glowing Skin 

Potent Antioxidants

Luscious Berry Fruit Oil Serum – Dawn Lorraine Concious Skincare

Uses Antioxidants Derived From Blueberry, Cranberry + Red Raspberry Extract

Dawn Lorraine uses fruit for glowing skin that is replenishing and nourishing.  Dawn Lorraine’s newest product and sure to be a cult favorite!  This ultra rich, deeply nourishing, fruit oil based serum drenches skin with luscious moisture. It’s power-packed with antioxidants and has a delectable super fruity blueberry scent.

fruit for glowing skin

Caviar Lime & Passion Fruit Mask – Circadia

Uses antioxidants derived from Caviar Lime

This unique enzyme mask delivers advanced exfoliating technology utilizing Lime Pearl Caviar is fruit for glowing skin to gently rejuvenate the skin. This complex formulation delivers gentle exfoliation with a bust of antioxidant support.

Glycolic Acid

Rapidex® – Repêchage

Uses Strawberries, Kiwi & Grapes for Glycolic Acid

Since 1996, Rapidex® is a safe and effective uni–dose program based on phyto-marine extracts and natural fruit acids that will gently exfoliate the skin, helping the skin to appear more even in tone and texture, feel softer and smoother. Lydia created Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator to provide a controlled application process because she observed that clients were over-exfoliating their skin, whether with microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels or laser resurfacing procedures. Rapidex®, an international skin care sensation, is the first of its kind. Our unique uni–dose packaging stays fresh, provides a large, pre-saturated cotton swab soaked in our exclusive formula.

fruit for glowing skin

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Learn about 4 popular skin situations that you can treat with Organic Peels from fruits, vegetables and other naturally derived sources. 

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Revitalizing Fruit Complex – Nature Pure Labs

Uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Bilberry, Orange + Lemon

Infused with Certified Organic Botanicals

Powerful new complex successfully works to clarify, tighten, retexture and revive sun damaged skin. The unique fruit acid complex is concentrated with five botanical extracts: Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, and Lemon to promote younger looking skin with cell-renewing alpha hydroxy acids.

Achieve a healthy complexion with the action of Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric, Malic, Citric and Ascorbic Acids as they work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Regestril™ stimulates the repair of damaged deeper cellular matrix which is responsible for tissue degradation, hence improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Further enriched with Hippophae Oil, Squalene, Shea Butter, Ceramides, Matrixyl 3000™ Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Beeswax, Allantoin, Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplying skin with lost moisture and antioxidants.


fruit for glowing skin

Citric + Phytic Acid

Lemon Lightening Serum – Sorella Apothecary

Uses Citric + Phytic Acid Derived From Lemon Peel

Watch sunspots, hyperpigmentation, redness and inflammation fade thanks to this serum’s lemon and licorice root extracts. Natural hydroquinone alternatives leave you with smooth, calm and bright skin.

natural brightening ingredients

We’d like to thank Repêchage, Nature Pure Labs, Dawn Lorraine Consious Skincare, Circadia and Sorella Apothecary for sponsoring this article.

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