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4 Reasons To Love Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels

4 Reasons To Love Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels

Organic exfoliating skincare products and treatments help you navigate the delicate dance that needs to be choreographed when removing dead skin cells. On one hand you want to make sure that the ingredients being used are strong enough to get all of the dead skin and debris off of the skin.  While on the other hand you want to make sure that you’re not seriously disrupting the skin’s lipid barrier.

In a recent article, Tips To Understanding The Lipid Barrier, we learned that the lipid barrier is your skin’s first line of defense against bacteria and from toxic matter being absorbed by the skin.  Organic exfoliating skin care treatments and products are ideal to help maintain the microflora in the microbiome of the lipid barrier.

February Advice From Our Experts Article

The first line of skin barrier defense

The first line of skin barrier defense is the acid mantle & microbiome.  The microflora contains the properties that prevent non resident bacteria from developing while also helping to buffer the action between acidic and alkaline chemicals.The microflora can only live in a PH of around 5.5, The acid mantle prevents toxic matter from being absorbed by the skin.   Read More….

Alexandra Trait

Are Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels Effective?

Removing dead skin, dirt, and debris from the surface of the skin is a critical task in many skin care treatments.

Manual exfoliating skincare products use a “gritty” ingredient to whisk away dead skin.  In most cases, these are as effective as any conventional exfoliating skin care product. 

Organic exfoliating skin care products and treatments have a much more mild pH than their conventional exfoliating skin care products.  However, they still employ acids and enzymes to remove protein build up from the stratum corneum which makes them an effective form of exfoliation.  

4 Popular Skin Situations: Acne, Age Management, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation

The breakdown of popular skin situations falls into about 4 major categories.  There’s really a fifth skin situation, which is what we’ve come to know as the “everyday” skin situation.  They’ve not started to focus on age management and there’s no real issues happening on a regular basis.  These people are what we’ll call, “the lucky ones”!

Then there are those who are dealing with Acne, Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. These skin situations can be serious and cause great distress, they can have issues that spread beyond skin and begin to impact a person’s self esteem.  Finding a solution for them can literally change someone’s outlook on life.

Then there’s age management, while this isn’t a “skin disorder” per se, it’s a skin situation that many want to address in order to keep a fresh, radiant glow!

Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare

Regardless of the skin situation, organic exfoliating skincare can help any of these!  One of our favorite go-to brands for organice exfoliating skincare peels is Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare.  Her collection of organic peels helps the serious skincare professional treat many different skin situaitons easily.

4 Ways Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels Work

1. Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels For Sensitive Skin.

Say the word “exfoliation” to someone with sensitive skin and watch them recoil in horror! However, natural and organic exfoliating skincare such as peels and scrubs are designed to be progressive, not aggressive.  This makes it great to treat Rosacea. Organic exfoliating skin care uses ingredients such as Arnica, Wild Oats, Calendula, Oats, and Green Tea. 

Featured Peels

Coco Creme Nourishing Peel
Key ingredients  Shea Butter, Goat Milk, Calendula
Pure Pro Enzyme Peel
Enzymes, witch hazel and no added scent

2. Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels For Inflamed Skin

Inflammation is a huge issue with skin.  When the lipid barrier is compromised, one can experience inflammation. Organic exfoliating skincare is ideal for inflamed skin because many natural and organic ingredients are naturally calming and tolerated well by most people.  This makes organic exfoliating skin care products and treatments great for acne.  Look for fruit acids, lemongrass, camphor and Salicylic to help inflamed skin.

Featured Peels

Honey Nectar Peel
Salicylic and Honey. Honey has natural enzymes, soothing and naturally antibacterial.
Pure Pro Enzyme Peel
Enzymes, witch hazel and no added scent.
exfoliating skincare

3. Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels For Skin with Excess Build Up

It’s funny, many people with this skin situation don’t even know what to call it.  As we age, the cellular turnover slows down.  This allows for dead skin to build up on the skin. This excess build up leaves the skin looking thick, dull and even a little discolored.  Most people with excess build up don’t even understand that they can have luminous, glowing skin with a simple exfoliation.

Organic exfoliating skincare is great to eliminate excess build up because you can achieve fresh, glowing and nourished skin without harsh and irritating chemicals. Natural enzymes and fruit acids stimulate collagen renewal.  Look for Dmae, Fruit Acids, Amino Acid Peptides, Pomegranate in your products.

Featured Peels

Blueberry Creme Peel
Dmae, Fruit Acids, Berries
Cinnamon Detox Clarifying Peel
Cinnamon and Enzymes (great for oily/acne buildup)
exfoliating skincare

4. Organic Exfoliating Skincare Peels For Uneven Skin Tone

Dark spots! UGH! It can be an issue with men and and women of color due to the severity of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  It’s also a huge issue with many who wont fall into the age management category also.  Organic exfoliating skincare for skin that has excess uneven skin tone is great because there are many natural and organic ingredients such as Blueberry, which contains natural pigment reducers, and Turmeric which has been used for centuries to naturally light dark spots.  Mandelic and Kojic Acids are also ideal to help reduce dark spots. 

Featured Peels

Lemon Pumpkin Peel
Turmeric, Lemon, Enzymes, Acids and Ferulic Acid
Blueberry Creme Peel
Blueberrys are high in Ellagic Acid, a natural brightener
exfoliating skincare

Tune Into Dawn’s Webisode Of  L+A Now “Organic Peels”

Monday August 10th, 2020 at 2 PM EST

Organic Peels

Join us for this 1 hour long webisode of L+A Now Organic Peels by Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skin Care

Dawn will explain her philosophy on holistic, conscious, sustainable organic skincare.  She will share her decades of experience formulating earthy friendly, organic skincare products.  

She will outline her entire collection of organic skincare peels.  You will learn how to treat acne, Rosacea, hyperpigmentation and be able to offer anti-aging peels from totally organic, sustainable, conscious acid peels.  Dawn will give examples so you can see that you don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness in order to achieve results that everyone will love! 

Thanks to Dawn Lorraine Skin Care for sponsoring this article.  

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