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The Brand This Surgical Postoperative Specialist Chooses For Her Spa 

Freehold Body Care founder, Kaleria Gribtsov is a surgical postoperative treatment specialist who holds multiple licenses. She has a large team that helps her run her medispa in Freehold, NJ and has just taken on a clinical skin care line to enhance the advanced clinical treatments that she does in her facility. Jenni had the opportunity to visit, experience a microneedling treatment, and chat with Kaleria

Kaleria Gribtsov, the owner of Freehold Body Care European Boutique Spa, embodies the quintessential American Dream. As an immigrant, she pursued her passion for helping people and contributing to the community, transforming her journey into a remarkable story of professional self-development. Kaleria’s spa journey began in 2008 when she became licensed as a massage therapist in a private physical therapy practice. Seeking new opportunities, she outgrew her initial role and opened her own practice in 2009 with a single room for individual massage therapy sessions.

She founded her practice in 2009 and over the years, it’s expanded and relocated several times, now thriving in historic Downtown Freehold, NJ, as Freehold Body Care European Boutique Spa. Kaleria has completed numerous educational programs in medical massage therapy and is dual-licensed in skincare as of 2016. 

Surgical Postoperative Treatments For Face & Body 

In 2017 Kaleria began offering Postoperative Lymphatic Drainage manual therapy. She offers Lymphatic Drainage manual therapy for both body and face. She has established referral programs with physicians, who now send her clients for these postoperative treatments that help to speed recovery. Today, the spa employs over 10 staff members and is renowned for its specialty in post-surgical lymphatic massage therapy, essential for postoperative healing. In addition to traditional massage services, the spa offers body sculpting treatments, slimming wraps, and infrared blankets, which are popular among clients.

Freehold Body Care

Thanks to M.A.D Skincare for sponsoring this article so that we could bring the story of Freehold Body Care to our community.

Freehold Body Care – M.A.D Skincare Feature MediSpa – Summer 2024

Kaleria has developed a highly effective skincare menu that has gained local acclaim. The spa also offers affordable memberships, promoting essential self-care. Dedicated to continuous education for herself and her employees, Kaleria strives for excellence and growth in all aspects of her business. 

Freehold Body Care has an extensive list of medical + spa skin care treatments and Kaleria selected M.A.D Skincare to be used in the extensive list of treatments below:

Instant Facelift & Skin Workouts
35% – 45% Chemical Peels 
Non-Surgical Face Lift

Freehold Body Care

L+A  Visited with Freehold Body Care Owner Kaleria Gribtsov

Jenni from L+A had the chance to visit and chat with Kaleria and get to know her and learn about how she has built Freehold Body Care over the past decade. Jenni experienced the M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA Growth Factor Facial with Kaleria and was able to ask her a few questions about why she loved M.A.D Skincare so much for her surgical postoperative treatment menu. 

Q:  Why did you choose M.A.D skincare to use in your spa?

A: “I love everything about this product line: the ingredients, the scent, the packaging, and the results!”

Q:  What M.A.D Skincare treatments do you offer at your spa?

A: “Brightening (Vitamin C Glow), Anti-Aging, Deep Cleansing, Micro-Needling for both face and scalp, Chemical Peels, just about to launch the M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA Growth Factor Facial!” 

Q: What M.A.D skincare backbar treatments do you use?

A: “I use the full line.”

Q: How was your training with M.A.D skincare after you became a medical + spa skin care professional with them?

A: “Training with M.A.D Skincare provided our staff with a seamless introduction to the full product line. The company equipped us with comprehensive treatment protocols and video training sessions.”

Q: How has the customer service been with M.A.D skincare after you became a medical + spa skin care professional with them?

A: “The customer service is excellent. Issues are resolved promptly with no waiting time. I love it!”

Q: Do you have a favorite M.A.D Skincare retail product and what is it?

A: “Yes. Redness Rescue and Illuminating Daily Moisturizer.”

Jenni’s Review of Freehold Body Care M.A.D Skincare Microneedling Treatment 

“Results driven! From the moment Kaleria and I started talking about her businesses, it was clear that her goals with each client are to provide results, whether they are in for a post-op visit or a facial. 

After a thorough skin assessment, Kaleria walked me through each step of the M.A.D Skincare Platinum SYNPLA Growth Factor Facial. My skin was dehydrated from all of the recent travel, so the nutrient-rich protocol would do just the trick.  First, my skin was prepped with gentle fruit enzymes and peel. Then, Kaleria created a cocktail of the Anti-Wrinkle and Bright Growth Factor SYNPLA serums and performed microneedling.

Immediately after, the M.A.D Platinum Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask was applied and it was instant relief! She finalized with SPF and one of my new favorite products, the M.A.D Photo Guard SPF 20 Anti Aging Eye Cream; this product provides illumination that seems to instantly brighten the under eye area.  

My skin was left glowing and refreshed, and looked even better the next day.” Jenni

Freehold Body Care

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