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How Face Reality Changed This TV Celeb’s Skin! 

Frank Grimsley is a television personality that you may know for Season 4 of The Circle and How to Get Rich. Frank is also a content creator and he’s based in the Washington DC area. Frank also struggled with acne until he found a Certified Face Reality Acne Expert who helped him! 

Treating Acne Changes Lives

“After working in the spa industry since 1999, I’ve watched countless men, women, teenage boys and teenage girls suffering from acne literally have their entire outlook on life changed after having a licensed professional help them with their acne.” Barry Eichner 

“It is an incredible experience to help a client achieve clear skin – not only because we are changing their physical appearance but because we are truly lifting a mental & emotional weight off their shoulders. Being able to help other Acne Experts achieve this success is the best part of my job! I aim to always be an open and honest resource for our Acne Experts so that they feel comfortable and confident with all things Face Reality.” Alex Hernandez, Face Reality 

Acne is a skin disorder that has no cure, but it can be managed. However, trying to manage acne on one’s own can be nearly impossible. The average person can’t know what is causing the acne. They can’t know if it’s hormonal, due to food they’re eating, if it’s because of poor skin care habits, a bad product, or any of the other various reasons that only a trained expert can know! 

This is why we love the education that Face Reality offers to their Certified Acne Experts. Their intensive education and subsequent testing process ensure that the licensed skincare professionals who become Face Reality Certified Acne Experts will be able to meet, greet and treat acne clients with impeccable results. 

Just like Acne Expert, Nilam Johnson at Lily Arvind Skin Clinic did for Frank Grimsley!

Frank Grimsley Shares His Acne Story

Frank has struggled with acne since his early teen years, and you can imagine how difficult that has to be in general but to add on the layer of having to be on TV and in front of a camera creating content – it’s a stressful situation!

Frank explains, “I’ve been on so many different medications, so many different acne products that I’ve tried and have not been successful”. 

As a public figure, it’s important for Frank to feel confident in his skin on and off camera, which led him to his Acne Expert, Nilam Johnson at Lily Arvind Skin Clinic. After 3 months of treatment, Frank says that “having someone who can answer my questions and really talk me through my breakouts is really like having an acne bestie.” 

Frank Grimsley Favorite Face Reality Product 

“My favorite Face Reality product has to be Hydrabalance. I feel like it really balances out the skin, especially right after I finish washing my face and putting on my toner, I feel like it comes in and makes everything great.” 

Hydrabalance is a water-based hydrating gel with antioxidant properties and powerful humectants to support a balanced skin barrier. It also helps to reduce the appearance of oily shine.

“Let’s Face Acne Together” with Face Reality 

Since June is Acne Awareness Month, Face Reality says “Let’s Face Acne Together”.

Acne can be frustrating and exhausting — especially when you’ve tried product after product, and nothing seems to work. We want you to love what you see in the mirror. That’s why we offer more than just award-winning, professional-grade products. We connect you with a Certified Acne Expert to guide you through every step of your skincare journey, with visible results in 90 days. We know acne isn’t easy. Let’s face it together. 

Thanks to Face Reality for sharing this message and sponsoring this content so our community can find ways to help clients suffering with Acne. 

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