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 FOS Skincare Offers Medi Collection

We found FOS Skincare at the IECSC in West Palm and took some time to get to know the brand and owner Eleni Polito. FOS Skincare is a brand that was developed in a dermatology lab with 2 plastic surgeons. The driving force behind FOS Skincare is to deliver results through hands-on evaluation and client feedback. 

FOS Skincare has several collections including, The Luxury Collection, and The Clean Collection. However, we’re going to focus on The Medi Collection. We saw 4 key products in the Medi Collection that we wanted to showcase!

FOS Skincare Medi Collection 

The Medi Collection is a Medical Grade, Anti-Aging skincare line. This collection of products has an assortment of retail products for home care that are ideal for helping clients to age gracefully. The serums, masks, and crèmes are infused with some advanced peptides, botanicals, antioxidants,  and hydrators that can help firm the skin, even out tone, and hydrate!

 FOS Skincare

4 FOS Skincare Notable Home Care Products 

These 4 products will breathe life back into dehydrated skin that’s been ravaged by environmental damage as well as poor lifestyle. We fell in love with the 3 step home care they gave us. 

Barry used this 3 step system after cleansing and toning. The Phyto Collagen C Serum followed by the Copper Peptide COQ10 Gel, which we think merits an extended review. This product is jam-packed full of everything to fight back against aging. Barry moisturized with the Advanced Azulene Crème which was amazing. The Phyto Collagen Mask was a delicious once-a-week treat. 

FOS Skincare Medi Collection Microdermabrasion Facial 

FOS Skincare uses the Medi Collection in a Microdermabrasion Facial and then uses a Professional Only Mask from their Clean Collection called the Silk Quenching Mask.  

FOS Skincare

FOS Silk Quenching Mask – Professional Only

The Silk Quenching Mask is gorgeous on the skin – it has a pearl–like glow when applied to the skin. This product is recommended for all skin, especially mature skin, and ideal for an anti-aging treatment.  Jenni used it on her Father In Law after an aggressive topical treatment for a past skin cancer. She applied an even layer over face and neck and left it on for 15 minutes. It’s suggested to remove thoroughly with a wet towel or sponges. 

While, The Silk Quenching Mask is not an oncology approved or tested product. Jenni used this in a treatment as her Father In Law does not currently have cancer.

This is a great protocol to combine with microneedling, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, lasers, etc. Plus excellent for ultra sensitive skin, and problematic skin.

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