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A Go To Microneedling Aftercare Serum

FACTORFIVE Silk is an ideal product for use at home when clients have conventional microneedling treatments.  If you do offer radiofrequency microneedling, FACTORFIVE Silk can also be applied directly to the skin after the radiofrequency microneedling is completed while the channels are still open. 

But the question that you have to ask is – why FACTORFIVE Silk – what’s in it that makes it so special? 

Growth Factors Jump Start The Skin 

FACTORFIVE Silk contains Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media, that contains growth factors. The sad truth is that as we age we lose so many functions in the skin. We lose hyaluronic acid production and we lose collagen production. This is a direct result in the reduction of stem cells that our bodies are producing. 

But there is hope! We can jumpstart the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid and collagen levels, however, we need an intervention. That intervention is known as growth factors!  

What FACTORFIVE Had To Say About Silk + Growth Factors

We reached out to the team at FACTORFIVE and asked them why their products are so effective directly after RF Microneedling. 

“FACTORFIVE scientists work with the most active producers of growth factors in the adult human body, adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs). To grow and work with ADMSCs, we put them in an environment which gets them “speaking” to other cells by sending out a tremendous amount of growth factor signaling. 

We then collect those powerful growth factor signals and include them as the main active ingredient in all our products so that when you apply FACTORFIVE to your skin, it replenishes your diminished supply and enables your cells to “listen” and restart those important skin health processes. This represents a 100% natural and biological way for your skin to return to vibrant health.

This makes FACTORFIVE Silk ideal for microneedling, as it can be used during an RF microneedling treatment, and as a main product in your aftercare regimen with all microneedling treatments.” FACTORFIVE

factorfive silk

FACTORFIVE Silk + RF Microneedling

We visited DermaJEM and had radiofrequency microneedling with Elizabeth Camacho. She told us, “I love applying FACTORFIVE Silk directly after we complete a section of the face using our Anima Envie RF Microneedling device. I also suggest to estheticians who use our device that they can recommend FACTOFIVE Silk for use at home after the treatment.”

I coordinated the DermaJEM treatment with the team at FACTORFIVE and they sent me a few products to use directly following the treatment. I’ve been using the FACTORFIVE Silk, FACTORFIVE Serum, and FACTORFIVE Cream. My skin’s been loving the products. 

“The FACTORFIVE Silk is a light-weight, lotion-like consistency, the Serum is incredibly light and has a very low viscosity and sinks right in! The Cream is very light weight and absorbs quickly and has a great scent.” Barry Eichner 

factorfive silk

Get The FACTORFIVE Guide To Post Microneedling Care with Human Stem Cell Factors

The scientific team at FACTORFIVE has created an 8-page guide on Stem Cells + You: Post Resurfacing Rejuvenation. This guide explains the science of the role stem cells play in wound healing.

This is a guide you don’t want to miss!  

FACTORFIVE Guide To Stem Cells For Post Resurfacing + Repair Rejuvenation

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Thanks to FACTORFIVE for sponsoring this article so we can educate our community on the benefits of FACTORFIVE Silk Ideal for Microneedling Aftercare.

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