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All-New Comprehensive Skin Remodeling System

FACTORFIVE Debuts Renew Dermal Solution (RDS). The FACTORFIVE Renewal Dermal Solution is the first comprehensive skin remodeling system.

FACTORFIVE® is introducing the first comprehensive skin remodeling system, Renew Dermal Solution. A new patent-pending treatment that combines professional chemical exfoliation with FACTORFIVE’s human stem cell factors for a safe, simple, effective, and predictable treatment. Together with the FACTORFIVE Skincare line, it delivers a total skin restoration solution.


The Future of No-Peel-Peel

Renew Dermal Solution is the future of the “No-Peel-Peel”. Dermal peels have risen in popularity because of their ability to penetrate the skin and disrupt cellular bonds, generating low levels of inflammation, thus signaling to the body a need for skin remodeling and restoration. The body recognizes this process as the damage that needs to be healed and calls upon local stem cells in the skin to calm the inflammation, repair the injury, and improve cellular function. Renew Dermal Solution is the first to employ human stem cell factors in a two-step treatment system. Improving upon traditional peels, RDS1 Penetrating Solution pairs a potent dose of TCA with RDS2 Calming Solution, a concentrated dose of topical stem cell factors to give your skin the proteins it requires to remodel the skin and deliver unparalleled results.

When Renew Dermal Solution is applied, clients will instantly feel a difference from other peels.  The warming, tingling or tightening sensations are a signal that RDS1 is penetrating and addressing more of the underlying causes for visible signs of aging. After 6-10 minutes of chemical exfoliation, RDS1 is removed. This is where most peels end, and where Renew Dermal Solution takes skin renewal a step further. Following the exfoliation with RDS1, RDS2 Calming Solution is applied, delivering a potent dose of topical human stem cell growth factors precisely where the body requires them most. This intersection of beauty and biology marks the essence of Renew Dermal Solution’s efficacy which is evident in its undeniable results.

While clients will see an immediate difference in tone, texture, and pore size after the first treatment, Renew Dermal Solution’s results improve with time. Over the next seven days, the surface layer of skin will show visible repair. Beginning on day 2, the skin will become tighter with a noticeable decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. By day 3-4, the results will begin to blossom with the skin becoming brighter. By day 7, when many other peels already are beginning to fade, Renew Dermal Solution’s results will continue to improve. Clients may receive Renew Dermal Solution treatments every 7-10 days, in a series of 1-6 treatments, dramatically improving visible results.  As skincare clients embark on their journey toward flawless, youthful skin they can expect the following when using Renew Dermal Solution:

Less Downtime

Minimal downtime allows clients to return to their daily activities faster while still enjoying stunning results.

No Peeling

Unlike traditional treatments, Renew Dermal Solution offers a gentle yet effective solution without the inconvenience of skin peeling. This provides both the practitioner and the client with a more enjoyable and effective skincare procedure.

No Pain 

Bid farewell to uncomfortable peel procedures. FACTORFIVE Renew Dermal Solution provides remarkable improvements to skin without the downsides that are typically associated with traditional chemical peel services.

No Photosensitivity

Worried about sun exposure? With Renew Dermal Solution, clients won’t have to hide from the sun. Renew Dermal Solution’s proprietary formula ensures skin remains resilient and not irritated or sensitive to the sun.

For more information about FACTORFIVE Skincare’s Renew Dermal Solution please visit Renew Dermal Solution’s information page HERE.

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