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Ways Facial Treatment Devices Improve Value of Service

Ways Facial Treatment Devices Improve Value of Service

by GeGe Greene, L.E.

A facial treatment can bring to mind thoughts of relaxation.  Yes, one imagines just laying back without a care in the world, looking forward to refreshed, dewy – glowing skin!!!  That “Calgon Take Me Awayyyyyyyyy” feeling!

There are various components that go into creating the special feeling of a great facial treatment.  Great skin care products can help provide a good treatment, but, good may not be enough to keep clients coming back!  You need something that can give your facial treatment an extra boost to make your in-person treatments more valuable.

Today’s clients are very savvy.  They are researching skin care treatments and products on-line and they are expressing their expectations!  The informed consumer of the new millennium is forcing the skin care industry to improve the options for a professional skin care treatment.  Sometimes you have to pull out a few tricks of the trade and do just a little bit more than has been done in the past to improve the results of your treatments.


Devices Can Improve Your Facial Treatment

“Devices” can be the extra boost that take your facial treatment to the next level.  In addition to devices – chemical exfoliation can also achieve an even more impressive wow factor.  Options are unlimited!!!

MicroChanneling devices, Nano MicroChanneling devices, High Frequency devices, Radio Frequency devices, LED Light Therapy devices, Microdermabrasion devices can all improve the overall efficacy of your treatments.  Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, Detox, are also great enhancements to any treatment or service!!  All of these can add to the experience of your facial treatment and keep clients intrigued, encouraging them to keep coming back!

Long gone are the days of Cleanse, Tone, Serums, Moisturizer and Sunscreens as the main staple of the facial treatment.  A rub here, a rub there, maybe some steam in between and Voila! That will be $100 please!

Nope, that’s a thing of the past!!

The aid of devices in a facial treatment can offer a long list of benefits to the skin.  They can even out texture, brighten, improve luminosity, and improve the overall glow.  Please note, do not be afraid to use multiple devices in a single treatment.

Facial treatments that incorporate devices or multiple devices – will wow your clients and keep them coming back!

GeGe’s Multi-Device Suggestions

The list of combination treatments is limitless!!

Microdermabrasion / High Frequency

*sloughs off dead skin cells

*promotes healthy tissue

* electrical current helping to kill bacteria

* soften fine lines

* improves acne

* reduce inflammation

* tones/tightens sagging skin

*reduction of enlarged pores


* brighten dull skin

*photo-aging / sun damage

*combat acne

*remove fine vellus hairs

*smoother skin

*slough off dead skin

Chemical Peels / Detox Treatments

*improves Fine Lines / Wrinkles


*helps reduce pigmentation

*helps refine texture

LED Light Therapy / Radio Frequency

*inflammatory reduction

*skin rejuvenation

*tissue regeneration at cellular level

*chronic muscle recovery

Nano Channeling / Micro Channeling

*stimulates body natural wound healing process

*promotes collagen stimulation

*minimizes cellular damage

*minimizes scar tissue

*skin rejuvenation

*improves skin tone & texture

All of the above listed can promote both short term and cumulative results. One of the most important benefits of many of the devices mentioned is how they can aid in product penetration.  However, home care is necessary and vital to the success of any skin care plan!  You need to get your clients’ commitment to home care.  It’s about achieving RESULTS.

These and many more combined treatments can be life changing for our guest. I can only speak to my own experiences and valued customer service. As skincare professionals, we do our best to be innovative and to stay in the know.  Why not provide our guests with the ultimate experience??!!  Our knowledge and skills are what make us the best we can be.


GeGe Greene, LE

GeGe is an esthetician in Chicago, Illinois.    She performs many advanced skincare treatments in 2 medical practices in the Chicago area.  GeGe is a sales representative for LightStim at many trade shows throughout the country.

GeGe ran the Red Carpet Interviews for Lipgloss + Aftershave at The Skin Games and writes “Keep It Glossy!”, a monthly column on Lipgloss + Aftershave

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