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Benefits + Myths Of A Dermaplaning Facial

By GeGe Greene, LE

Dermaplaning Facials give that, “Feeling Good In My Skin” Feeling

Who doesn’t want to feel good in their skin? However, when a client who is new to a Dermaplaning facial thinks about someone scraping their skin with a scalpel they may not have such a good feeling! Honestly, it’s no more daunting than a shave with a straight edged razor. While a Dermaplaning Facial may look like just a really close shave, but it’s much, much more.

Dermaplaning Facial Defined

Dermaplaning Facials are an advanced exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus hairs (Peach Fuzz) and sloughs off dead skin cells from the top layer of skin or epidermis. It is a simple process that can yield significant results when paired with other procedures, or as a standalone treatment.

Because Dermaplaning facials are an advanced technique, those practitioners who have completed required training should only perform Dermaplaning facials. Requirements for performing dermaplaning facials vary from state to state. Most states require that it provided under the direction of a Physician or Medical Provider.

Benefits of
Dermaplaning Facials

  1. Exfoliation -Sloughs off dead skin cells
  2. Smoothes skin texture
  3. Promotes even skin tone
  4. Brightens the skin
  5. Promotes healthier skin
  6. Removes vellus hairs
  7. Preps the skin for various cosmetic treatments
  8. Enhances product penetration
  9. Aides in diminishing the appearance dark spots and fine lines

Contraindications Of Dermaplaning Facials

  1. Blood Thinning Medications
  2. Possible mild flush to the skin (Redness)
  3. Uncontrolled Diabetes
  4. Minor cuts
  5. Dry Skin
  6. Open wounds or cold sores
  7. Acne grades I or II

Myths About
Dermaplaning Facials


  1. Not for darker skin types
  2. Painful
  3. Causes breakouts
  4. Grows back darker/thicker
  5. Changes the existing growth pattern


Generally, offer treatments every 4-6 weeks.  Be sure to recommend a solid home care plan that includes products that will extend and enahnce the benefits of the treatment.

GeGe Greene

Educate + Communicate With Your Client

Most clients fall in love with the results of Dermaplaning, even if they’re a little nervous prior to their first treatment. You can ease any feelings of doubt by educating your clients on the benefits, expectations and contraindications of dermaplaning facials. When they understand the many benefits, they are usually very excited about the treatment.

Explain how the treatment is performed, inform your client that you’ll be working on their skin with a surgical blade and to make you aware if they have an urge to sneeze, cough, scratch or any other sudden movements while you’re performing the treatment.

Be sure to manage clients’ post-procedure expectations. Let them know what to expect after the treatment and be honest about any potential skin reactions. Be sure to provide them the necessary tools, products and devices to maintain the efficacy of their treatments at home.

GeGe’s Pro Tip

Make sure they know it’s ok to call if they have any concerns at all!

The Actual Dermaplaning Facial Treatment

Begin by cleansing and degreasing the skin. Use a mild keratolytic cleanser to breakup any dead skin. Degrease the skin with alcohol or acetone. Be sure to avoid acetone on sensitive clients. Skin should be completely dry before starting. Use a tissue to remove any excess moisture.

Start at one side moving over to the other side for finish. It is best to develop your own pattern to ensure all areas are covered.

GeGe’s Breaks Down Her Dermaplaning Facial Technique

“Hold the skin taut in 2-3 inch sections, starting at the forehead – making a back sweeping motion for control before gently abrading the surface in an upward motion holding the blade at a 45-degree angle for precise controlled motions. Upon completing the first pass, do a spot check pass (mild sweep) with a Dermaplaning oil of choice, applied lightly on the skin, to cleanup any miscellaneous hairs. Do not over stimulate the tissue going over with multiple passes, this can result in nicks and/or irritation.”

GeGe Greene

Help Clients Get That “Feeling Good In My Skin” Feeling

Now that the dead skin cells have been removed, let the love begin. You can treat specific skin concerns to nourish, rejuvenate or repair by applying the appropriate masque, serum, moisturizer and SPF. You can also perform more advanced treatments, a superficial chemical peel may be applied, followed with approriate Mositurizer and SPF.

Happy Dermaplaning and “Feeling Good In Your Skin”…. GeGe


GeGe Greene, LE

GeGe is an esthetician in Chicago, Illinois.    She performs many advanced skincare treatments in 2 medical practices in the Chicago area.  GeGe is a sales representative for LightStim at many trade shows throughout the country.

GeGe ran the Red Carpet Interviews for Lipgloss + Aftershave at The Skin Games and writes “Keep It Glossy!”, a monthly column on Lipgloss + Aftershave.

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