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This Week’s Pop 5 Products…

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Age Beautifully.  

That’s what we’re saying now.  We’re not talking about anti-aging.  

We’re talking….

“Love the skin you’re in while aging beautifully!”

Ok, I’m going to try and get on board!  However, as a gay man who managed to survive being raised in a small farm town in PA during the 80’s, self-love and self acceptance aren’t ingrained in my operating system.  My operating system that was installed was more the, “be ashamed of yourself, you’re not good enough, you need to work for love” mindset.

But NO MORE!  

If I learned anything from our February Guest Blogger, Amy Wall during our Skin. Body. Soul. Podcast, it’s that you can change the pathways of your thoughts.  You have to hear what this woman has to say, listen to our conversation and get to know her Time Light Method.  

It’s a new era!  It’s morning in again in skincare, and it’s time to start fresh!  Amy wants us to use positive language when we discuss skincare. We need to be positive in our terminology so that the molecular energy we have is positive and will radiate light!  

So here are my thoughts.  Remember that song from the late 90’s about wearing sunscreen?  

The opening line is

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99 Wear Sunscreen.  If I could offer you only one tip for the future, Sunscreen would be it

Well, when it comes to “aging beautifully”.  I remember that I began to first notice that I was “aging” around my eyes.  So my advice to anyone who is reading.

“Ladies & Gentlemen of the class of 19, use an Eye Product.”  

No JOKE!  

You have no idea how lucky we are.  We live in an era where skincare products are so advanced.  I swear, if you want to age beautifully, start using eye products early on in life.  It will give your skin the tools it needs to maintain collagen integrity, which is really what we want around the delicate eye tissue.  

So boys and girls – if you want to radiate light – Eye Cream!  Maybe need a little Advice From The Experts on Eye Cream?  You can read The Secrets of Specialized Skincare by Amy Wall.  Otherwise, don’t stress, I got you! I reached out to my skincare gurus and asked them for products that can help your eyes age beautifully, and they did not disappoint.

This Week’s Pop 5 Treats For Your Eyes To Age Beautifully!

Hale & Hush – Brilliant Eye and Lip Serum

I have two words for you, “Spin Trap”!  If you want to get to know the highly scientific process that is behind one of the most sophisticated ingredients in the product –   Click Here

Savor Beauty –  Caviar Eye Cream 

Want in on some of the best Korean beauty secrets? Want to know the Korean beauty rituals that Savor Beauty Founder,Angela Jia Kim uses  – Click Here

HydroPeptide – Polypeptide Collagel + Masks

Brand new HydroGel masks from the leader in peptide technology.  Want to know the combination of peptides used in this new launch  –  Click Here.

Nature Pure – Eye and Neck Intense Lift

This is a delicious, intense, rich cream is going to give your eyes a burst of moisture and a boost of antioxidants.  Want to know the 6 different moisturizing ingredients and the triple antioxidant cocktail used in this creamClick Here.

MedSpa Distributors – Peti-Eye Serum

This product line has the respect and admiration of countless industry veterans. If you help clients with skincare issues and want to know the cutting edge peptide technology –  Click Here.

You have gorgeous eyes!  You can add light to them by giving them the nourishment that they need. Our Pop 5 list is a great place to start.  You can also drink a little more water and do a few self love mantras, they’re always good for you!  

Thanks to Savor Beauty, HydroPeptide, MedSpa Distributors, Nature Pure and Hale & Hush for sponsoring this article.

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