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5 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Chemical Peel

Home Care Helps Extend The Life Of Your Chemical Peel  

Want to extend the life of your chemical peel? Then get to know these 2 words – HOME CARE!  You wouldn’t go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning every 6 months, and then not brush, floss or rinse daily in between visits!  Skin care is exactly the same.  If clients use quality skincare on a daily basis in between visits they can extend the life of your chemical peel.

Advanced Estheticians Can Treat Aggressively With M.A.D. Skincare Chemical Peels

When clients come in for a chemical peel, make sure you’re maximizing the impact on thier skin.  As you learn more about M.A.D Skincare chemical peels and their impact on the skin, you’ll begin to see the benefits of different acids on different skin conditions. With ongoing training from California Skincare Supply, you learn that it is possible to provide a maximum benefit to your client by treating several skin issues in a single treatment.

As you work with clients and get to know their skin you can begin to cocktail or layer M.A.D Skincare chemical peels.  This will allow you to treat multiple skin issues in one peel.  If you know a client really well, you may be able to treat multiple skin issues in a single appointment by layering up to 4 or even 6 different types of chemical peels at one time.

Layering and stacking products not only saves you time and money for the treatment products, but you also save your clients money as well.

Now they can purchase one product line that can provide them with faster and more specialized results.

Your average client will be able to handle about 3 layers of the peels.  While more sensitive individuals will only be able to handle approximately 2 layers.  But some of your veteran clients with more robust skin will be able to handle anywhere from 4 to 6 different layers of stacking.  Keep Reading….

California Skincare Supply

3 Tips For After The Peel

If you are an advanced esthetician and treat clients aggressively with layered peels, you need to be sure you’re educating your client on post-peel care.

1.  Managing clients’ post-peel expectations is almost as important as the peel itself.  If you give them a clear understanding of what to expect after the peel, you set yourself up as an expert and will establish trust!

2.  Explaining what to expect as far as discomfort levels, life-style limitations, and how to manage the first 7-10 days after the peel is crucial.

3.  Recommending home care for post-peel comes into the process.  This IS NOT OPTIONAL.  Making sure you recommend products to clients that they can use to manage their skin after a peel will make their lives easier and extend the life of your chemical peel.

CSS + M.A.D. Skincare have 5 Ways to Extend The Life Of Your Chemical Peel

California Skincare Supply offers 5 Skincare Kits from M.A.D. Skincare. Kits are ideal to help clients manage their post-peel skincare needs.  Kits make it eaiser for clients to understand what to use on their skin.  Kits are also easier to explian how to use home care producs.   Each of the M.A.D. Skincare kits are designed for specific skin issues.  Because your chemical peels can be cocktailed or layered to treat multiple issues, you can offer a few kits to a single client for their post-peel needs.

5 Ways to Extend The Life Of Your Chemical Peel

1.  Discover Delicate Kit
This kit will fast become your go-to post peel recommendation.  It offers 4 Delicate products that clients can use to soothe skin after a strong, layered peel.  If you feel as though clients will need larger quantities of M.A.D Skincare’s Delicate products, you can always send them home with full sizes.

2.  Discover Defense Kit
Another great option for the first few days after a peel is the Defense Kit that is full of M.A.D. Skincare’s Environmental products.  This kit offers 4 Environmental products that will help protect and extend the life of your chemical peel.  If you feel your client will need larger quantities of the M.A.D. Skincare’s Environmental products, you can always recommend ful sizes for their home care.

3.  Discover Brighter Skin Kit
This kit is a sampling of the M.A.D. Skincare Brightening products.  These are ideal for clients who are focused on evening out skin tone and looking to battle stubborn hyperpigmentation.  If you feel your client will need large sizes, you can recommend M.A.D. Skincare’s Brightening products for their home care.

4. Discover Breakout Control Kit
If you have clients who are battling acne and your peel was designed to help them clear up thier skin, the M.A.D Skincare Discover Breakout Control Kit is filled with products from M.A.D Skincare’s Acne collection.  If your client needs to really hone in on breakout control, they can take full sizes of the M.A.D. Skincare Acne products for their home care.

5. Discover Anti-Aging Kit
This kit is filled with active products from M.A.D Skincare’s Anti-Aging collection.  This would be ideal for week 2 after a peel.  Ideally, recommend the Discover Delicate Kit for week 1 after a strong peel and then begin to incorporate this kit.  As always, if clients have a key focus of Anti-Aging, you can recommend full size products from the M.A.D. Skincare Anti-Aging collection.


Here’s a pro tip for you to make offering home care to clients effortless!  Build the price of one M.A.D. Skincare Kit into the price of your peel service.  It’s vital that clients have the products that they need at their finger tips when they’re at home during the first few days after a peel.  Educate them!  Share your knowledge of how to use the products in the kit to make the first few days after the peel easy!  

You can plan your inventory levels by forecasting how many peel appointments you do per week.  You can reduce shipping costs by ordering larger quanities at a single time and you create massive amounts of customer good will every time you hand them a M.A.D. Skincare kit to use at home.


Breaking Down Home Care To Extend The Life Of  Your Peel

The 5 M.A.D Skincare Kits are an ideal way to offer your clients instructions for their home care in those crucial first few days after a peel.  Offer customized instructions on how to use the 4 products in the kit that you’re recommending for their home care.  Explain what to do in the A.M. and the P.M.  You may want to offer tips to mangaging “as needed” applications of product to help minimize discomfort from peeling, tightness or other issues that you forsee during the first two weeks after the peel.

Not only will your clients reap the rewards of using proper home care after a chemical peel.  Your business can also get rewarded for selling home care.  California Skincare Supply offers a M.A.D Skincare Rewards Program.  This will help your business earn free Back Bar products when you purchase retail products to sell.

Earn Free Back Bar & Extend The Life Of Your Peel

California Skincare Supply truly believes in the power of home care!  They are so committed to helping your clients achieve amazing results  that they offer their accounts free Back Bar with the purchase of retail products, with the M.A.D. Rewards Program.


M.A.D REWARDS PROGRAM helps you extend the life of your peel. 

  • Purchase 6 Retail Cleansers or Toners and receive 1 FREE Professional Cleanser or Toner
  • Purchase 6 Retail Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum, Mask or Eye Product and receive 1 FREE Professional Day Cream, Night Cream, Serum, Mask or Eye Product

Extend That Post Peel Glow

That glow that happens after a peel is epic!  Here’s Barry, glowing after a layered M.A.D. peel done at the Las Vegas IECSC.  

“One thing I loved was the sample kit that I was given to use for the first few days after the peel.  It made it effortless to take care of my skin! I was also very confident in what was happening to my skin in those days, CSS made sure I knew what was going to happen to my skin and how to use the products to manage the situation.” Barry Eichner.

If you want to help your clients extend the life of your chemical peel, so they can keep glowing, make sure you offer them the perfect combination of home care products.  M.A.D. Skincare has 5 collections of skincare for you to use to help your clients have the perfect home care routine!  The M.A.D. Skincare kits are the perfect option to give clients easy to follow instructions on how to manage the first two weeks after their peel.  If you send them home with products to help them through those uncomfortable first few days, you’ll create a loyal client for life.

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