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3 Physical + Chemical Exfoliation Combinations for Hyperpigmentation

Combination therapies are often used in the treatment room when treating stubborn or difficult skin conditions. Usually, these combine two therapies in order to increase results and improve the functionality of the treatment. Results-driven therapies like this tend to appeal to our clients because they can usually see visible results after one session.

Dual Hyperpigmentation Treatment – Combination of Manual Dry Exfoliation and Chemical Exfoliation 

One of our favorite combinations is Diamond tipped microdermabrasion with a chemical peel. This combination of two therapies can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions, depending on the depth of the microdermabrasion and the peel used. Combining these two very effective forms of exfoliation gives the skin a bigger boost than if just treating it with one. Generally, when these two services are combined you will perform the microdermabrasion first. This will get more cellular debris out of the way and allow for the peel you are performing to penetrate that much deeper. Your clients also get all the skin-smoothing benefits of microdermabrasion, with the collagen-boosting, pigment-removing benefits of chemical peels. 

M.A.D. Skincare Radiant Brightening Peel with the DermaJEM Anima Ares

By first treating the skin with the Microdermabrasion on the DermaJEM Anima Ares and then doing 1-2 layers of The Radiant brightening peel will give your clients amazing bright skin and because you are combining both therapies you don’t need to be very aggressive to get great results. We love the Radiant Brightening Peel because it is safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types and combines Lactic and Glycolic acid with licorice and Bearberry extracts for amazing brightening results. A bonus would be to use the MAD Delicate Calming Gel mask post-peel and glide the Cold therapy handpiece over the mask for the ultimate soothing post-peel care.

exfoliation combinations

Contribution by Elizabeth Camacho

Co-Founder, Sales, and Education Director of DermaJEM, Elizabeth began her career in beauty while in college at Florida State University. She began working in makeup with MAC cosmetics and, after she graduated, moved back home to Miami and continued her career in the makeup industry with private clients, print, and fashion shows.

After getting her esthetics license, her career took her into professional spa product sales and training, spending the majority of her time making connections with other estheticians and business owners, helping them to grow their knowledge in both the business of owning a spa and in new treatment training. Finding a passion for empowering others with the tools and focus to grow their own businesses into thriving local and destination spas.

Dual Hyperpigmentation Treatment – Wet Manual Exfoliation and Chemical Exfoliation

Another wonderful combination method that we love is light chemical exfoliation with hydrodermabrasion. Hydrodermabrasion is incredibly popular and it’s because clients get glowing results every time. The primary reason it gives such great results is because hydro itself is a combination therapy. You use both physical and chemical exfoliation together. First, you have the abrasive tip, providing you with the physical exfoliation and then you have the hydro serums that offer the chemical exfoliation. This gives you the benefit of both in a gentle manner. 

We have found significant success in combining it with either an enzyme or a light peel, to help our hydro serums penetrate deeper and boost our client’s results even further. It is also a great way to offer hydrodermabrasion to your clients with sensitive skin. By providing both forms of exfoliation gently you do not compromise the skin and are able to give your clients the benefits of both treatments. That’s one of the reasons why the DermaJEM Hydro devices are so unique, they have a soft silicone tip that lets you offer this treatment to all skin types including sensitive skin.

M.A.D. Skincare Delicate skin resurfacing peel with the Element Hydrodermabrasion

This combination is really effective in resurfacing the skin deeply. Start with the Delicate Skin resurfacing peel with its multi-fruit acids, which effectively exfoliate in combination with Chamomile extract and Aloe Vera to calm in addition to licorice extract helping to even skin tone and brighten. Once neutralized then you do your hydrodermabrasion with the Anima Element. This takes the exfoliation up a notch by adding the physical and chemical exfoliation that is hydro. But if you want the treatment to be a little more aggressive you can use one of the double light tips that have a diamond microdermabrasion head in them to intensify the physical exfoliation and get more skin smoothing benefits. This type of exfoliation also clears the way for you to apply peptides or vitamin C or any other skin-boosting ingredient because it will be readily absorbed since you have cleared away so much cellular debris. 

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Sensitive Skin Dual Hyperpigmentation Treatment – Wet Manual Exfoliation and Chemical Exfoliation

Hale and Hush Incredible Enzymes and the Anima Element Hydro Spiral Deep Silicone Tip

This is a great example of how combining therapies can work for all skin types. When combining these two therapies, we recommend applying the Hale & Hush Incredible Enzymes (removing with cool water-soaked cotton pads, and then cleansing with the quiet wash to remove any residue of enzyme) and then doing the hydrodermabrasion treatment with the DermaJEM Anima Element and the spiral deep silicone tip. This light dual exfoliation is safe for sensitive skin. It will give your clients a gentle exfoliation and will help with dryness, patchiness, and any pigmentation issues. We recommend the Delicate Mandelic Hydro serum be used during this treatment as well. Please note this is not recommended for medically compromised skin. 

One thing that is important to note when deciding on a treatment plan for your client is that this kind of combined exfoliation is only recommended when your client’s skin barrier is healthy and intact. Also, the frequency of these types of treatments vary, but you want to make sure your clients’ skin has fully repaired from the previous treatment before doing your next session. 

Combining therapies is something that can be extremely beneficial to your clients if done carefully and thoughtfully, always ensuring that you are looking out for their skin along the way. Starting gently and slowly building up the intensity of your treatments is the way to go to ensure your clients get the best results without compromising the health of their skin.

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