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5 Girl Boss Approved, Botani-Clinical Body Scrubs

Botani-Clinical + Organi-Clinical Body Scrubs From Female Owned Brands

We’re kind of obsessed with botanicals!  We love how the skincare and spa world are embracing botanicals and using them to get clinical-like results.  We’ve observed a growth in the botani-clinical and even an organi-clinical sectors of the skincare industry.  The leader of the Organi-Clinical sector is Kim Manley.  The leader of the Botani-Clinical sector is Lydia Sarfati, these women opened the door for many other women to follow her into this holistic and therapeutic segment of the industry!

Essential Oils Are The Heart Of Botani-Clinical Body Scrubs

Body scrubs with essential oils can be good for your skin and many of your body’s systems. Obviously, the exfoliation from a scrub is beneficial because it removes dead skin, but it doesn’t stop there.  The application of the scrub, which is manual manipulation of the skin, muscles and fascia helps to improve blood flow and move lymphatic fluid.

The addition of pure essential oils into a body scrub can layer in additional physical benefits, they can even impact your mood.  Using these botani-clinical and organi-clinicl body scrubs can help improve the overall health of the body by improving blood flow and flushing toxins. Not to mention the improved function of skin that is properly exfoliated and hydrated.  

The Power Of Essential Oils

The power of essential oils is undeniable. Pure essential oils are the essence of plants, flowers, the bark of a tree, the wood of a tree, fruit and the rinds of fruit. Essential oils are extracted using a few different methods: cold pressed, steam distilled, CO2 Extraction and solvent extraction.

The use of essential oils dates back to ancient Egypt. The famous sour milk + essential oil baths of Cleopatra is an example of their ancient use.  However, it’s also true that ancient Egyptian physicians used essential oils in their practices.  We know that essential oils impact the human body and can impact the human brain.  They have a physical and psychological effect on a person.

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5 Girl Boss Approved, Essential Oil Body Scrubs


Refreshing + Anti-Inflammatory

1 Sea Spa Glow – Repêchage

Founded by Lydia Sarfati

Sea Spa Glow is based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea and infused with hydrating and moisture-binding Laminaria Digitata, Ulva Lactuca and Chondrus Crispus seaweed extracts. Combined with refreshing Peppermint and soothing Aloe. You will feel energized and refreshed, with smooth, silky, soft skin.


Relaxing + Anti-Inflammatory

2 Purple Haze Sugar Scrub – California Skincare Supply by Hip & Chicks

3 Generation Female Owned Business – Kelli + Jullea Anderson 

Purple Haze sugar body scrub is made with an exclusive combination of lavender essential oils, pure granulated sugar, African shea butter and coconut oil that simultaneously exfoliate, hydrate, and renew your body.


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Anti-Inflammatory + Antioxidant

3 Herbaceous Body Scrub – Hempfield Botanicals 


Herbaceous Hemp Sugar Scrub features aromatic sweet basil and rosemary essential oils to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin tone.



4 Rose & Geranium Body Polish – KM Herbals 

Founder,  Kim Manley

A soft and delicate fragrance is combined with a creamy, ground pumice scrub that will give your skin the perfect polish!  The Rose Geranium Body Polish will smooth away dry or rough skin with this smoothing and nourishing luxury product. KM Herbals uses natural pumice in a cream base to create a gentle but effective exfoliating formula that sloughs off skin without causing irritation or discomfort.

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Ylang Ylang

Balance Oil Production

5. Bamboo Fiber and Mango Seed Body Polish – Sanara

Founder, Rebekah Jensen

FINALIST Indie Beauty Expo “Best in Show” Body Exfoliator

This environmentally-responsible exfoliator of sustainable bamboo fiber removes dead skin cells gently and is less likely to tear, damage or further irritate the skin. Bamboo has been found to help fortify skin, while natural Mango seed and ultra-hydrating Cupuaçu butter deliver soothing, smoothing and therapeutic benefits. Fragrance (made from a refreshing blend of Orange oil, Amyris, Lavender and Ylang Ylang)

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