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Celebrity, Medical Esthetician Raves About This Device’s Results 

Erin Bradford is a force! She’s a medical esthetician, a multi-unit spa owner, speaker, and educator who can’t rave enough about the results she gets after chemical peels and microneedling. 

When it comes to the treatments that are provided in Erin Bradford’s two locations, she says, “I feel that almost every treatment we provide here at Advanced Aesthetic benefits from Celluma LED light therapy incorporated into the protocol.” 

We asked Erin, “What would you say to an esthetician who is not using any LED light therapy in their practice?”  She replied, “Run, don’t walk to get one. When COVID happened, it was the first thing I grabbed to take home when we were temporarily closing to stay safe. My kids would laugh at me on the couch under my Celluma. My oldest quickly joined in while she was learning from home and loved it as well!” 

Get To Know Erin Bradford 

Erin Brandford has been an esthetician for 21 years, an educator for 8 years, and for the last 6 years she’s owned Advanced Aesthetics. 

They have a large staff that includes:

4 aestheticians
1 plastic surgeon
1 cosmetic/medical tattoo Artist
1 husband/COO

Erin Bradford

Erin told us, “We work great together and refer to each other’s work constantly. The main reason I opened my own practice was to be closer to my kids. I commuted to the Boston area for nearly 10 years and I was losing precious time with my 2 children, one of whom is a pediatric cancer and brain aneurysm survivor. (Fun Fact: I used my Celluma on him post-brain surgery last year and he healed quicker than the time given and it was 100% successful).

When I looked in my area, there was not a place I felt would align with my core values and the kind of treatments I wanted to offer to my patients, so I made my own, Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Studio. We just opened Advanced Aesthetics Institute a few weeks ago and are the first to bring continuing education to Rhode Island. I saw a gap in education and being such a passion of mine, I felt the need to be the trailblazer in it. I am now working closely with the oldest Esthetician School in Providence to share opportunities and create clearer career paths for students in our area.”

The Flagship location has three treatment rooms and the new, second location also has 3 treatment rooms. Advanced Aesthetics Institute – classes hold up to sixteen students.

Erin Bradford

Erin’s Also A Bit of a Skincare Celeb

We asked Erin to tell us about her many media mentions.

“I was interviewed by NBC 2 years in a row and we had a commercial on channel 10 last year. I  was featured in an article about my medical-grade skin care line and services. We’ve been featured on quite a few digital news publications, like Fox and some local newspapers.” Erin Bradford

How Erin Incorporates Celluma LED Light Therapy Devices 

“I feel that almost every treatment we provide here at Advanced Aesthetic benefits from Celluma LED light therapy incorporated into the protocol. I primarily use it for reducing inflammation post microneedling, scar camouflage, and inkless stretch mark revision. We also use it pre PCA skin peels, and post Biorepeel peels. Even after dermaplaning, a little Celluma is added on in my practice.” Erin Bradford

Erin Bradford

Interview With Erin Bradford 

What is your favorite Celluma LED light therapy device.

“My favorite device is the Celluma Pro! We have 2 of these devices, one for each location and they are constantly being used all day long.” 

Do you have a  Celluma LED light therapy device Rental Program in your business?

I will start next month retailing the devices to my patients and having a rent to buy option program as well.

Do you incorporate Celluma LED light therapy devices into your peel protocols? 

Absolutely!  I love to use Celluma LED light therapy before or after our chemical peels!! We have so many choices in the practice, so each protocol is different.

Do you incorporate  Celluma LED light therapy devices into the microneedling protocols? 

Absolutely! It is included in all of our Skinpen and Procell treatments. I also am a huge advocate for using it after Inkless Stretch Mark and Scar revision with NueConceal.

Do you use Celluma LED light therapy devices for Hair?

I am blown away by these results and even though we do not offer this service in the practice, we will be renting and selling the devices for this concern.

Do you use Celluma LED light therapy devices for pain management? 

I use it for my own pain management! Due to my nature of working and leaning over patients, my neck and back crave the relief that Celluma gives.

Do you take any of the  Celluma LED light therapy educational webinars or attend their training classes at any trade shows? If yes, can you tell me what you think of the Celluma LED light therapy training?

I have taken a few many years ago when I began to research what LED device to purchase for my practice. 

One year at a plastic surgery conference in NOLA, and I attended as a speaker, however, I listened to everything and anything I could to learn throughout the week. (I am someone they call a life learner. It keeps me passionate and motivated.) I listened to a plastic surgeon speak on Celluma and all of his success with patients because of it, and his stories were amazing. I purchased my first Celluma Pro the next day at the conference. 

As a national Educator For PCA Skin and Elta MD ( CP Skin Health), I also led two webinars where I shared my protocol of using SkinPen, PCA Skin, and Celluma together. 

Do you have any client success stories from using a Celluma LED light therapy device as part of a skin care treatment plan? 

There are so many studies that show that LED light therapy encourages wound healing. Dr Lance Setterfield, the guru of microneedling, talks about it in his books and I really see the benefits of microneedling happen sooner when treatment stacks the 2 together. I can’t even count how many patients benefit from the LED for acne. That is a daily occurrence in the office as well.

What would you say to an esthetician who is comparing Celluma LED Light Therapy devices to other brands of LED light therapy devices? 

The lumens and the time on the tissue! It is all about the lumens and time! Do your research and you will soon see that Celluma LED light therapy is the best for any aesthetic practice. 

Thanks to Celluma LED light therapy for sponsoring this content so that we can bring you Erin’s story. 

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