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Award-Winning Esthetician Finds Success with EpiStep

EpiStep was introduced to the US market a little over a year ago and it’s taking the market by storm. This incredible device uniquely delivers hyaluronic acid into the skin in a way that no other product or device is able to do so. This dynamic EpiStep device is helping hundreds of estheticians across the country find financial success. We’d like to introduce you to one such esthetician – Jillian Wright. 


EpiStep Feature Esthetician – Jillian Wright

With a lifelong passion for creativity and healthy skin, Jillian Wright quickly realized that facial aesthetics was her calling. After establishing herself as a highly sought-after aesthetician and opening an eponymous NYC-based spa and skincare brand, her entrepreneurial spirit continued to lead her through a 20+ year, multi-faceted beauty career.

In 1999, Jillian opened Glow Skin Spa – In 2009, Jillian changed the name to Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa.

In 2015, Jillian co-founded Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG), the largest global exposition for indie beauty brands and an ecosystem of services dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs behind them. The onset of COVID-19, unfortunately, brought a swift end to in-person events, leading IBMG to go completely digital. Around this time, Jillian recognized how much she missed giving facials and connecting with her clients. After having dedicated the past several years solely to IBMG, she took this as a serendipitous opportunity to go back to her aesthetic roots. In 2022, Jillian left IBMG.

In 2020, Jillian opened a treatment room at Bloom Beauty Lounge in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. In addition to regularly serving facial clients, she continues to coach and mentor young beauty entrepreneurs. In 2019, Jillian was awarded INNOCOS’s Emerging Leader of the Year. 


Jenni Receives EpiStep Treatment From Jillian Wright

Talk about customization! As with any of Jillian’s treatments, you are booked for time, not for a specific treatment. This gives her the flexibility to perform any treatment, using any of her devices.  After a massaging cleanse, Jillian steamed my skin using the Dawn Lorraine Blueberry Creme Peel to gently remove the dry, dull, and dead skin that lingered on the surface.

A session of much-needed extractions (yes, every esthetician gets a pimple from time to time) followed. Then, my skin was ready to EpiFuse! Jillian chose the Brightening tip to address pigmentation.  The treatment felt slightly rough with each ‘stamp’, but it was not uncomfortable.  

Jillian then incorporated two additional modalities: ultrasonic and oxygen infusion – before the final two steps of the EpiFusion Facial – the second infusion using the EpiEssence and the EpiMask + gold sheet mask.

My skin felt so plump and hydrated after removing the mask layers! One more layer of moisturizer and SPF to seal it in and we were good to go.

This treatment further reinforced the idea that EpiPin can be incorporated into any treatment room – with any skincare line – and with multiple other modalities. Jillian offers treatments that give the “WOW” factor – and choosing to add EpiPin to her lineup was genius!

Jenni’s Interview With Jillian 

Q: How did you find out about EpiStep?
A: Lipgloss + Aftershave: My go-to for all things interesting and innovative in the industry.

Q: What made you choose EpiStep?
A: The innovation of the technology, its uniqueness, non-invasive approach to skin health.

Q: Why do you love using EpiStep?  
A: I love using the Epistep because it elevates the facial experience by plumping the skin in a unique way that doesn’t damage the skin or cause any downtime. Epistep provides immediate results.

Q: How has EpiStep helped you grow your business?  
A: I offer customized facials by time. I don’t sell add-ons so I’m able to use the Epistep on my clients at my discretion. I combine it with other modalities like EMS, RF, LED/IR, or Ultrasound. The Epistep addresses elasticity, pigmentation, and hydration. With the serum plus finishing sheet mask with gold, my clients leave with super plumped, hydrated, smooth skin. With the Epistep, since the action is “stamping” with hyaluronic acid cones or spikes and not needling, it is very safe even for sensitive skin because you can adjust the stamping effect to light or intense.  Even the intense (number 5) is gentle.

Q: What results can you achieve with the EpiFusion facial? 
A: The first thing you notice is how plump the skin looks. After you perform the first step which is stamping, the skin is able to absorb serums and ingredients more readily than just applying it to the surface of the skin.

Q: What do your clients love about the EpiFusion facial? 
A: The feeling is unique and cathartic…very relaxing. The glow and hydration is immediate so they can leave and go to an event right after.

Q: Do you have any plans for your business’s future?
A: I am always looking for aesthetic solutions that are new to the industry and provide the results my clients are looking for.  Since I combine holistic techniques and tech, I’m always on the lookout for devices and products that service my clients. I’ve always offered a result-oriented, non-invasive approach to my facials.

Q: What skin care brands do you carry and love? 
A: Bioelements, Inika, Le Prunier, Ouli Ointment, Glowbiotics, Image Skincare, Oxygenceuticals, Luce di Sorrento.

Q: What other skin care treatments do you offer? 
A: Nano-channeling, Microcurrent, Radio Frequency, LED/IR, Dermaplaning, Acne care, Ultrasound, Oxygen therapy, HiFULDM, +Topical Light Infusion.

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