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Infuse HA + Peptides with Needle-FREE Needling

EpiPin Offers Needle-FREE Needling

EpiPin is the hottest and newest device that we’ve come across on the professional skin care market!  All-new from EpiStep!

Barry was on the scene in Ft. Lauderdale with Jennifer Bley, where he had the opportunity to experience the EpiPin first hand.  He also had the opportunity to interview Jennifer about this all new needle-FREE needling device that uses 3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins!  Jennifer explained how the device works.

*Pricing mentioned in this video is no longer reflective of current pricing*



EpiPin System

Create channels through the stratum corneum without injury so you can work effectively and safely in your scope of practice! Plus infuse the skin with Hyaluron and additional active ingredients at the same time!

The device uses a hand piece with detachable and disposable treatment heads. There are 4 different treatment heads for Brightening, Elasticity, Hydration and Performance.

The EpiPin Pro opening kit is an assortment of the 4 treatment heads, and it also includes the EpiStep proprietary sheet mask and EpiEssence.

EpiPin Needle-Free Needling w 3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins

The EpiPin uses 3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins Hyaluron and additional active ingredients at the same time!

You can see the micro pins created from Hyaluronic, each treatment head is infused with special ingredients to help achieve the desired client goal for brightening, elasticity, hydration and performance.

The pins slowly dissolve as you perform the treatment, as Hyaluronic is hydrophilic (it’s attracted to water) so the pins give way to the water in the skin. Essentially the clients’ skin is absorbing the micro-pin.  The micro-pin is hyaluronic AND performance ingredients – so the delivery system IS the product. TRULY mind blowing!

EpiPin Roller

EpiStep also produces the EpiPin Roller for home care to maintain and sustain results between treatments.  This is a great way to ensure that your clients will get maximum results.

Have them use one roller 48 hours after their first treatment and then weekly between visits.

Offer Roller Re-Fill Kit As Gift With Purchase
Encourage clients to buy a series of EpiPin treatments!  Offer them a Roller Re-Fill Kit for FREE when they purchase a series it’s a $125 Value.  This is a great incentive for clients to commit to a series and become a repeat, loyal client.

Barry Reviews The EpiPin Treatment

I was so curious to see how this treatment felt.  The device hand-piece has several settings for different levels of vibration. There was no need to numb the skin, so I wasn’t anticipating a whole lot of pain, but to my surprise, it was literally pain-free.

The EpiPin infusion modality uses a stamp method versus a swipe method. It is safe for use on the delicate skin around the eye.

I asked for the Elasticity treatment head and asked Jennifer to get as close to the eye as possible. This damn 51 year old skin around my eyes has given up!

Swipe in the gallery to see my before and after.  Sorry, I forgot to take my glasses offer, but trust, this difference in luminosity and volume is noticeable.  This is a great treatment to offer day of a big event!

Pain free, therapeutic on a cellular level and offers an instant, noticeable result – this gets 2 thumbs up from me!

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