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Munch Away Dead Skin


I was sitting in one of the many skincare product training classes that I’ve taken over the years and got the most delicious little nugget of information.  The trainer was doing a general overview of enzymes and she said, “They’re like little Pac Men….” then she did this:

“…. Just munching away at the dead skin cells.  And when there’s no more dead skin, they stop working.”  

I loved that!  Mostly because I loved playing Pac-Man as a kid!

The Skinny On Enzymes?

Want a mini tutorial on enzymes? Let my very good friends Amanda and Becky over at Dermascope Magazine be of some assistance! They have an article with about 1,000 words on what enzymes are and how they work.

However, the use of enzymes can be ideal in achieving optimal cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. Enzymes are versatile agents that can be paired with an antioxidant, acid or added into a scrub, to effectively improve the appearance of the skin and help alleviate a variety of conditions.” Full Dermscope Article

All Kinds Of Enzymes

Love to turn a facial into a fruit cocktail or a seasonal treat? Enzymes are great! This is evidenced by the amazing assortment of enzyme rich products that we have In This Week’s Part Of The Pack!   Be warned, it’s Fall, I love pumpkin – There’s A Lot Of Pumpkin!

pfb-vanish-liquid-luffa-scrub-exfoliating Liquid Luffa Scrub – PFB Vanish

Want to know what enzyme is used in this dual action scrub?  Want to know how this amazing home care product can help reduce hyperpigmentation? – Click Here.  

Read more about PFB Vanish here.

Doctor D. Schwab Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – Alexander’s Aesthetics II

Doctor-D.-Schwab-Pumpkin-Enzyme-Mask-Alexander-Aesthetics-lipgloss-aftershaveWant to know the 2 amazing oils used to enhance this mask?  Want to find out how the actives are encapsulated to ensure maximum effect?  – Click Here

New Product Alert!  Welcome Doctor D. Schwab + Alexander’s Aesthetics to the L+A Family!  


Incredible Enzymes – Hale & Hush

Incredible-Enzymes-Hale-Hush-lipgloss-aftershaveDeliciousness!  Fig + Pomegranate extracts do some heavy lifting in this mask!  Want to know what two incredible enzymes (you would have lost respect for me if I didn’t )  do the real work in this Professional Only Mask? – Click Here (Hint:  They’re not Pumpkin)

Read more about Hale & Hush here.

Pumpkin Enzyme Complex – ClearChoice®

Pumpkin-Enzyme-Complex-ClearChoice®-lipgloss-aftershave-exfoliatorsSmells like the holidays thanks to the Cinnamon and Nutmeg oils!  Works like a charm because it’s got everything: enzymes, acid and a manual scrub – want to know more? – Click Here

Skin Resurfacing Mask-Colamer-SpaOrder-lipgloss-aftershaveSkin Resurfacing Mask – Colamer from SpaOrder.com

Skin Resurfacing Mask – Colamer from SpaOrder.com
Acids and enzymes give this professional strength mask it’s uniqueness.  Want to know which acids it uses to exfoliate, resurface and brighten? – Click Here

There you have it!  When it comes to exfoliation, enzymes can help virtually every skin type!  From the most sensitive to the least reactive! There’s no reason you can’t have fresh, glowing skin.  This week’s top 5 products are top choices range from a spa facial treatment to home care essentials – all smell amazing and are incredibly effective.  Enjoy the amazing and delicious fragrances of Fall while you exfoliate.

Thank you to Colamer, Dermastart, Hale & Hush, Alexanders Aesthetics and PFB Vanish for sponsoring this article.  

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