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The Versatility of Chemical Peels + Enzyme Peels – Treating the Feet

All-New Enzymaxx + Pedi Pro 2 Part Foot Treatment 

Step, step, step all day…we know the daily rigor our client’s feet endure. Often, clients do not take proper care of their feet, leading to calluses, cracked, dry, rough skin, and often inflammation (especially when wearing high heels – ouch)! Even with daily care, the feet need special attention and maintenance. This is where you come in!

Opportunity! This is the perfect opportunity to bring clients nourished, callus-relieved, ultra-soft, reinvigorated feet, as well as increase your spa services, add-on services, and retail.

Treat the Feet

Exfoliation is key when working with rough, cracked skin on the feet. Enzymes, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, and Professional Peels help remove dead surface skin, exfoliate hardened calluses, reduce itchiness, and increase the rate of skin cell turnover.

While peels are mostly used on the face, their versatility is underrated. M.A.D Skincare Mandelic Peel 25% w/ CBD, Environmental Renewal Peel, and M.A.D Pedi PRO products, including the Enzymaxx Foot Mask, and PEDI PRO 20 Foot Cream with Glycolic Acid, are steps in the right direction for tackling foot care concerns. After all, everybody loves baby soft feet!

Christopher Keuver Headshot

Contribution by Christopher Kuever

​Joining M.A.D Skincare with more than 16 years experience in the esthetics industry, Christopher’s understanding and deep passion for teaching encompasses a unique view of skin, protocol, and product synergistically working together.

Christopher’s career started as an Office Coordinator at a South Florida Medical Spa. During this time, he also finished a degree in Business Administration. It was clear to him esthetics was his passion and so he decided to complete the necessary schooling to become a licensed aesthetician. After years working with clients, experiencing various product lines and modalities, he entered the manufacturer side of the business, honing in on education and spa sales.

Chemical Peels For Feet

M.A.D Environmental Renewal Peel is a great option as a peel for the feet. A gentle blend of Multi Fruit Acids will be forgiving on even the most sensitive of skin, while Lactic Acid will help to profoundly re-hydrate dry and/or compromised skin and aid in exfoliating. A chemical exfoliant, Lactic Acid helps stimulate the exfoliating process. This product can be used as a “RESULTS BOOSTER” on an ongoing basis in conjunction with any existing Pedi Protocol you may already love when treating your client’s feet!

M.A.D Mandelic Peel 25% w/ CBD Peel has its own unique benefits. The exfoliating action of Mandelic Acid removes dead skin cells, helping reveal softer, smoother skin. Mandelic Acid also has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties which will lend themselves beautifully to ongoing foot issues for men and women! CBD’s substantial skin-calming properties serve as an excellent anti-inflammatory and redness reducer. What could more neglected feet ask for?

Enzymaxx For The Feet

M.A.D Enzymaxx Foot Mask contains a combination of enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids including the enzymes Papain (papaya) and Bromelain (from pineapple), removes dead surface skin, exfoliates hardened calluses, reduces itchiness, and increases the rate of skin cell turnover. Lactic Acid and Malic Acids help stimulate the skin’s shedding process and smooth the roughest areas, all with the additional benefit of ultimate hydration. This foot mask is a great service to incorporate into your pedicure or use as an add-on when performing a facial.

PEDI PRO 20 Foot Cream with Glycolic Acid For Feet

Available in retail size, recommend PEDI PRO 20 Foot Cream with Glycolic Acid for clients to use at home and maintain results in-between appointments.

Clients will feel like they are walking on air. M.A.D has you covered from head-to-toe!

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