Empowering Your Lash Lift Technique

Elleebalm, let’s unpack its advantages and challenges.

The salon industry never stands still, especially when it comes to the techniques and products we utilize as lash technicians. Our continual quest for innovation and better results has brought a new star into the spotlight: Elleebalm adhesive. Its recent introduction promises to redefine the way we carry out our beloved lash lift procedures.

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For many of us in the industry, we’ve grown accustomed to the patience required during the lash lift process. Our trusty, old-fashioned, water-based adhesives, while reliable, often took an extended time to secure lashes to the silicone shield. While we’ve grown adept at working within these time constraints, wouldn’t we all appreciate a speedier, more efficient solution?

Elleebalm Steps In

Here’s where Elleebalm steps in, a game-changer that promises to shake up the lash lift routine we’ve become so familiar with. Crafted with a unique formulation combining Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) polymers and conditioning agents, it’s set to make lash lifts quicker, easier, and more beneficial for our clients’ lashes.

So, what makes Elleebalm adhesive different? First off, its PVP polymer-based formula accelerates the adhesive’s drying process. This quick-drying feature reduces waiting times significantly, ensuring lashes adhere to the shield faster than ever before. For us, this means an uptick in productivity. You can perform more lash lifts in a day, optimizing your schedule and increasing client satisfaction.

The advantages of Elleebalm go beyond merely saving time. Certain brands have pushed the innovation envelope so that the adhesive also cares for our clients’ lashes. Keep an eye out for formulas that contain vegetable proteins, plant extracts, amino acids, and conditioning agents. These nourishing elements provide essential hydration and nourishment, fostering healthier and more vibrant lashes. It’s an impressive two-in-one solution: speeding up your lash lift process while ensuring a high-quality, caring treatment for your clients’ lashes during permanent wave and chemical treatments.

However, as with any new product introduction, there are always challenges to face. You may find that lashes can detach from the shields during the lotion application stages. It can be frustrating and could hinder you from achieving the optimal lash lift result that we all strive for. This issue has always been a challenge, even when using traditional adhesives. From time to time, lashes could still come away from the shield, and we need to make adjustments in the application, especially for resistant, strong lashes or downward-facing lashes. Thankfully, when using Elleebalm, you can quickly and easily re-stick lashes before the second lotion step. The use of lift lockers or compensators can help as well to secure resistant lashes during the processing times. In many cases, though, if using a strong hold formulation with Elleebalm that has a combination of polyvinyl alcohol in the formula, it can act as a hybrid glue. This will help reduce the chances of lashes moving during the process.

Additionally, achieving the perfect balance when applying Elleebalm is crucial. Applying too much or too little can have consequences, mainly when dealing with more resistant lashes during the lotion stages. We have to remember that PVP breaks down easily with water. Most lash lift lotions are oil-in-water emulsions, in most cases containing 80 – 90% water, so of course, it makes sense this will potentially break down adhesives. Correct application techniques are crucial in achieving optimal results. However, every challenge presents an opportunity to learn and grow.

To tackle these obstacles, there are a few strategies to bear in mind. First, ensure you’re applying the correct amount of adhesive. It’s about finding that perfect balance to maintain the right tension for holding down resistant lashes. It’s also essential to be mindful that some brands of adhesive might form a barrier that prolongs the perm lotions’ processing times, potentially affecting your schedule and the overall lash lift result.

Thankfully, if you’re using Elleebalm, you won’t need to worry about these processing times. Elleebana’s formula is optimized to ensure that it does not affect the lotions’ processing times, offering an easier transition from traditional adhesives. It’s a reassuring solution, making your introduction to this innovative adhesive smoother and more comfortable.

To sum it all up, Elleebalm offers an exciting opportunity to level up your lash lift technique. This ground-breaking product enables faster procedures, nourishes and conditions lashes, facilitates better lash placement, and ultimately leads to a flawless result in less time.

Although there might be a learning curve as you get to grips with Elleebalm, its potential benefits make it a must-try for any lash technician eager to provide the best service. With a little practice and patience, you’ll soon be mastering this revolutionary product, delivering even better results for your clients.

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Article written by Otto Mitter, owner and director of Elleebana, qualified cosmetic chemist, makeup artist, and multi-award winning educator.

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