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Product Line This Aesthetic Institute + Medical Spa LOVE

Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute Lead Instructor and Administrator, Solisa Phipps, has been an esthetician for twenty-one years and a Laser Tech for twenty years. Solisa chose ID Skin Pro as the go-to brand for this high-level aesthetic institute and medical spa! 

Solisa is certified in over forty different treatments, modalities, and product lines. She’s been an esthetics instructor for seven years. She’s been the Lead Instructor at Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute for the past two years.

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute

We’re so grateful to ID Skin Pro for sponsoring this article so that we can share Solisa’s + Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute story with the L+A Community.

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute & Medical Spa 

Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute is a Laser Hair Removal and Advanced Aesthetics Institute, with a curriculum designed to provide medical and spa professionals with continuing education. More than just a school, it is also a full-service medspa that performs treatments from laser hair removal, tattoo removal, chemical peels, hydrafacial, microneedling, injectables (fillers + neurotoxins), and body contouring.

The  Advanced Aesthetics Package At Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute offers a long list of courses. However, the Advanced Aesthetic Package includes:  Microneedling, Coolsculpting, HydraFacial, Velashape, Chemical Peels, and IPL.  This is a popular course because most medical practices and medical spas look for these certifications prior to hiring a candidate. Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute is fully accredited by The Texas Workforce Commission as well. We follow the same guidelines as any University or Career School.

At Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute their program allows the graduates to come back any time and practice with friends and family at no cost to the student. Students have full access to our facility and modalities under Solisa’s supervision as much as they need, to further perfect their craft, and gain experience and confidence. This is a unique differentiator for Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute.

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute

Why Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute Choose ID Skin Pro

During a conversation with Solisa Phipps, I asked, how she learned about ID Skin Pro? She told me, “I researched skin care lines for six months looking specifically for an affordable product that could be used in our backbar.” Then I asked her why she chose ID Skin Pro for Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute?  Solisa told me, “I wanted something that covered just about all aspects of the skin to include advanced products for anti-aging and acne. I prefer lines with great customer service and even better product knowledge education. I didn’t want anything too complicated with an overwhelming plethora of products. Simple, clean, and elegant. ID Skin looks great on the retail shelf!” 

Solisa Discusses Her Go-To ID Skin Pro Products 

Solisa told me, “We really like the Goji Berry Kombucha Cleanser. Our patients always ask what we cleansed their skin with while we’re prepping for treatment. They say it feels great and smells good. We like that it really gets all the make-up and oil off.” She then told me about two of her favorite retail products, “I also like the Clear Skin Serum because of the salicylic acid. It gives my skin a glow and keeps the oily skin in check. The students love using the ID Skin Pro products in treatment. They especially love that they contain high-quality ingredients and provide a good value.” 

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute

What Patients at Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute & Medical Spa Say about ID Skin Pro

After Solisa told L+A all about why she and the students love ID Skin Pro, we asked, “What do the patients say about ID Skin Pro treatments?” Solisa told L+A, “They often ask if we sell the particular products that were used during their service. We make sure to retail almost every product used in the back bar. So far, every one of our patients that have purchased ID Skin has loved the products and their results.” 

Working with ID Skin Pro 

We asked Solisa what it’s like working with ID Skin Pro.  “ID Skin Pro has been wonderful to our institute. They have been supportive and understanding of our growing status. They always answer all of our questions. I believe it’s extremely important for our students to get acquainted with as many skin care lines and ingredients as possible! We teach the students the importance of products and skin care regimens to enhance treatment outcomes. The more you know, the better care you can take of your patient’s skin and ID Skin Pro provides incredible education and customer service.” 

Courses At Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute is a next-level educational facility! Medical + Spa Skin Care professionals can go there and learn treatments that can launch their medical spa careers!

Empower Health and Aesthetic Institute has nineteen courses including:

Laser Hair Removal levels 1-4
Continuing Education
Professional Refresher Course
Chemical Peels
Laser Tattoo Removal
Basic Neurotoxins
Basic Tissue Fillers
Advanced Neurotoxins,
Advanced Tissue Fillers

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