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Email Marketing Subject Lines To Sell Botanicals

Email marketing is often one of the most underrated & underutilized tools in our marketing repertoire! It is a powerful way for us to build our business long term. Not only does it allow us to build a deeper connection with our clients, by creating familiarity but it will significantly increase your revenue, when used properly!

If you have an email list, awesome! If not no worries, its never too late, start collecting today! So even if you are not ready to start sending emails, just collect client addresses!

You have probably heard the phrase;
“Your list is KING.”
Now if your list is King, then your email content is Queen!

I know what you might be thinking, what is the big deal about emails, isn’t social media enough?

4 Reasons To Develop A List Of Email Contacts

Contribution by Tazeem Jamal

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Tazeem Jamal, is a highly respected & passionate spa industry professional. She has been in the industry for over 30 years as an award winning Master Esthetician, spa business coach, retail sales catalyst, writer and an international speaker. Her mission is to raise the bar & to inSPAire others to use their passion to build rocking businesses!

Tazeem worked as Brand ambassador/Blogger for Tedx  in Vancouver, Canada for four years. She has also been featured in multiple books and is an Amazon best seller contributing author.

In addition to 1:1 coaching for spa owners, she offers online group coaching programs. She believes in giving back,  and has volunteered on various Spa Industry boards, in Canada & the USA, including Skin Inc. Her love for skincare, still keeps her in the treatment room, part time, in her boutique business Skindulgence Spa in Port Moody, BC, Canada.

Let me share 4 crucial reasons you might want to START at least compiling this LIST, trust me you will thank me later ????

  1. I love social media and all that we can do with it, yes, its free, BUT, and there is a big but…. we do NOT own these platforms.So often we hear of people’s accounts disappearing, they end up in FB jail, or they get hacked. These platforms are what I often refer to as RENTAL properties & we need to have our own back up plan to ensure we do not get thrown to the curb if and when something happens to our SM accounts. What If they decide to shut down the platform, case in point, They start to charge you serious coin to use their platform. You do not have to place ads, but it has certainly become more a pay to play model & will likely lean more in that direction as the future.
  2. The FB/IG Algorithms & rules are forever changing & its hard to keep up with them. I encourage you to optimize these free platforms, but very few people see your feeds, even if you post daily. Consistency is key to FB/IG land but even then, its an uphill battle.
    You must remember that it takes multiple ingredients to create a perfect “Marketing recipe” & when one is missing, the outcome is just not the same. That is how you need to look at your marketing; SM, Email, FB lives, personal connections, referrals & networking are all the ingredients in your recipe to success!
  3. Email marketing will also help to deepen your client relationship & allows you to showcase your expertise and authority.
  4. When done properly, conversions are significantly higher with email marketing. Take this as an example, if you only had 50 clients on your email list and you sent an offer for a $99 & only 10% of your list took advantage of it, you would have generated almost $500!! Is that not worth sending emails consistently for?Email marketing is a numbers game, now imagine if your list grew to 100 & the same 10% took advantage of the same offer that would be $1000!! Are you excited? You should be!Now even before they get to your content, your subject lines are critical & are like a “movie trailer” How are you intriguing them to open your email?


10 Email Marketing Subject Lines To Sell Botanical Skin Care

1. For the love of nature
2. What’s lurking in your skincare?
3. Free from pollution, filled with love.
4. Is your skincare Reef friendly?
5. Green sale going on this week
6. Ethically formulated nutrition for your skin
7. What is your footprint on the planet
8. Go Green, save green
9. Honor the planet & heal your skin
10. Re-fresh, re-store & Re-plant

I hope you can see why email marketing is so powerful!

As a Spa Biz Coach, in addition to helping spa professionals with my Small Group coaching program, I am truly passionate about helping you AMPLIFY your email list. I thrilled to be launching a PILOT Program, Email marketing Superstars. This will eventually become a self paced course, but for the pilot version, I will be launching it LIVE & you could be a part of this exciting opportunity!!

By being a part of the PILOT edition, you will be getting access to the course at the best price. In addition, there will be a LIVE component, & you will have access to me, to ask to questions & get live feedback during the duration of the course, via scheduled Zoom coaching calls!

In turn I ask that you give me your feedback & your experience of the course, which will be invaluable to me for future updates!
So, a fabulous WIN WIN for both of us!

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