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8 Tips To Brave This Storm

8 Tips To Brave This Storm

by Ella Cressman


What a trying time for the skincare and spa industry.

In addition to being the founder of the HHP Collective, I also own a small skin care studio that opened in 2007, right before the economic crash. I understand the immediate challenges we face and the long-term outcome we can expect. I am fighting the fight, deep in the trenches with you all.  There is one thing I am certain of, in my soul, in my heart and in my head: WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

Ella’s Tips To Brave This Storm

1. Stay Calm

Practice breathing techniques and meditations. You may have more time for it now! If you don’t currently, consider adding a quality CBD supplement to your routine, or other natural calming remedies.

2. Sanitation Is Key

Someone posted a meme earlier this week that said something to the effect of “Beauty Professionals are trained to clean as if everyone has the Corona Virus”. Sanitation is key. Make sure you are meeting minimum state requirements and then some. Wipe down everything, including doorways, light-switches, the tablets or electronics your client’s sign for credit card transactions and so on… with cavi-wipes or other hospital grade disinfectants. And then,  wipe again!

3. Have no fear

They will come back! We offer so much more than just the application of products. Human touch is imperative for survival. After 2-3 weeks of social distancing, people will be ready for the healing energy also present in the modalities we offer.

4. Take Care Or Yourself

You are kind, you are smart and you are important! Take care if yourselves too.

5. Offer Online Consultations

Zoom, GoToMeetings and Ring Central are all excellent platforms. But, when all else fails, Facebook video chat could work. Provide a 30 minute check in, needs assessment and then schedule an in-person appointment for 2-6 weeks later. This encourages teamwork between you and your client and further solidifies client/provider loyalty.

6. Offer To Ship Retail Products

As we all know, retailing is an important part of our business and should make up the majority of overall sales. Instances like this are confirmation. If you’ve been shy to suggesting retail, now is the time. It will be the bridge that ensures vitality in your client’s skin in the case they can’t get in to see you right away. They may be stuck at home and now finding time for some home spa treatments! Suggest body products, or something they wouldn’t typically purchase. Maybe a hand/body lotion for the dryness caused by extra washing. Offer a slight discount, or free shipping. (We are going to have a little fun and offer 19% off).


Take this down-time to sharpen your skills. ASCP is an awesome resource for online education and has hundreds of videos. And,  you may see a few familiar faces. Review the blogs and videos posted on Lipgloss and Aftershave. Take advantage of the FREE Education on The Esthetician’s Guide APP that you get with for having the Lipgloss + Aftershave App.  Also, your product companies may offer online, distance or webinar education. Reach out to your product reps. DO IT!.

8. Support Other Small Businesses

There are many local supply houses that provide hospital grade disinfectant along with other esthetic supplies. Many of them ship so if you’re in a remote area, they’ve got your back. If they don’t have something in stock, they will. Get on their wait list! You don’t want your clients ordering skin care from Amazon. Follow YOUR lead and support the home team. (I’m happy to provide a list of great Colorado supply houses)

You are not alone.  We are all in this together. If you need to vent,  or to bounce ideas, please feel free to reach out!

For more information about me or the HHP Collective, please click the link.


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