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The Up + Coming Brand With A Glass Skin Protocol

Two words – DOLCE DEW! You’re going to love getting to know this up-and-coming line of medical + spa skin care. Founded by an esthetician / MedSpa owner who wanted to create clinically advanced products that also looked incredibly beautiful. The result is a collection of products for which L+A has fallen!  

After reviewing the collection at the New York IECSC, we created the L+A Top 5 Dolce Dew Finds! Two of which are the key components of the Gommage + Glycolic 2-Step Exfoliating Treatment Guide! L+A also got an inside scoop that more professional-only products are coming in 2024, which means even more reason that medical + spa skin care professionals need to keep an eye on this up-and-coming brand! 

Meet Dolce Dew Founder, Crystal. Skin Pro + MedSpa Owner 

HI! I’m Crystal, licensed esthetician, MedSpa owner, and fellow skincare lover. I can’t wait to see you glow using Dolce Dew. Get ready to discover newfound confidence to put your best face forward on your next date night, work conference, AND your morning drop-offs. If healthy, gorgeous skin is important to you, it’s time to experience the difference in Dolce Dew skincare.

Dolce Dew

L+A Top 5 Dolce Dew Picks

Gommage + Glycolic 2-Step Exfoliation

Crystal has created a 2 Step Exfoliation Treatment she demonstrated at her booth at IECSC in New York. We were enthralled! The treatment uses Dolce Dew’s Enzyme Glaze + Glow followed by your choice of Dolce Dew’s Brightening Exfoliating Pads or Clear Exfoliating Pads. 

We’re low-key obsessed with these two products!

1. Enzyme Glaze + Glow

The Enzyme Glaze + Glow is a delicious gommage enzyme that brings such satisfaction as the dead skin just balls up!

2. Clear Exfoliating Pads

Brightens dull skin using a combination of skin-loving acids and natural ingredients.

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DD: Dolce Dew 5/24 Gommage + Glycolic

3. Glass Skin Niacinamide Serum 

During the time we were exploring the Dolce Dew products at their IECSC booth, Crystal advised us to follow up the 2-Step Exfoliation Treatment with the Dolce Dew Glass Skin Niacinamide Serum. “I did a hand treatment and the back of my hand was utterly smooth after the 2 Step Exfoliation Treatment, then I applied a single drip of the Dolce Dew Glass Skin Niacinamide Serum, and BOOM – my hand had a Dolce Dew-licious Glow!” Barry 

“I’m a sucker for a gommage! When combined with the Niacinamide, skin looked and felt as if it had a big drink of water.” Jenni 

Dolce Dew

Dolce Dew’s Power Duo 

Get ready to elevate your skincare routine with the perfect combination of our favorite products: the Daily Dose Vitamin C Serum and the Dream Cream Vitamin A Retinoid Treatment.

Dolce Dew’s  skincare guru, Crystal, has given her seal of approval, declaring, “You need this in your life!” 

4. Dolce Dew’s Daily Dose Vitamin C Serum

This is one of Crystal’s signature products, the Daily Dose Vitamin C Serum is designed to make your patients glow every day, but glowing is only part of it. It helps to tighten their skin, improves their uneven skin tone, softens their fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens their skin’s barrier, and provides increased protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

“Pumps out like a lotion…and sinks in like a serum! This formula smells amazing and leaves no residue on the skin, making it ideal to wear under SPF and makeup.” Jenni 

5. Dolce Dew’s Dream Cream Vitamin A Retinoid Treatment

Retinoids are the gold standard of anti-aging topical treatments and the Dolce Dew Dream Cream Vitamin A Retinoid Treatment will have your patients glowing like gold for years to come. The Dolce Dew formula utilizes hydroxypinacolone retinoate, or HPR, to provide a potent yet incredibly tolerable treatment to achieve a multitude of results.

“Another superior formula! I used the Dream Cream for several nights and experienced zero irritation or sensitivity.” Jenni 

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