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DMK Redefines Clinical Skincare with DMK MD

DMK Skincare is shaking up the clinical sector of the professional skincare industry with their launch of DMK MD.  We got the scoop from Drew Colemen, VP of Sales and Marketing at the June, Las Vegas, International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference. Drew gave L+A exclusive information about the pending launch of DMK MD and invited us to their LA headquarters in the fall.  

We waited patiently and then just a few weeks ago in early September Barry was flown to LA by DMK to tour their all-new 30,000 sq foot headquarters and review the all-new DMK MD concept. Yes, we say concept, because the new DMK MD is a complete program with a 192-page training manual, a complete line of consumer products that DMK refers to as Home Prescriptives, and a truly revolutionary collection of back bar treatments referred to as Stemzyme. This whole new concept elevates the DMK Skincare philosophy of helping the skin find homeostasis to new heights that redefines what estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons will think of clinical skincare. 

A Change To The Historic DMK Skincare Clinic Training Program 

This is a total shake-up to the DMK Skincare overall training process. Historically, potential new DMK Skincare clinics were required to complete the Introduction to Skin Revision webinar. The clinic is then required to complete the DMK Skincare Program 1, a 2-day, intensive boot camp, and then after 6 months of meeting certain requirements, the clinic could be invited by DMK to complete their Paramedical Skincare Training Program. 

DMK Skincare Now Offers The DMK MD Concept 

DMK Skincare

The Advanced Paramedical training was switched to DMK MD, an advanced paramedical personalized esthetic program. DMK MD offers esthetic efficacy in a cross-sectional domain, where mid-spectral dermatology conditions are addressed through in-clinic professional procedures and Home Prescriptives TM.

The sole objective is to empower DMK MD Professionals with clinically effective, user-friendly tools and techniques to treat skin conditions concerning epidermal stem cells, the skin microbiome, and other inadequately managed processes in the skin. 

What’s Included In The DMK MD Concept 

An advanced, intensive skin care concept that includes deep dive training into skin anatomy, skin physiology, skin pathology, biochemistry, bio-physics, skin analysis, and skin revision using Home Prescriptives and Back Bar Treatments. The DMK MD Manual is 192-pages of intense education, product knowledge, and treatment protocols. 

DMK Skincare

DMK MD Home Prescriptives

9 Home care products, which DMK Skincare refers to as Home Prescriptives.  The collection includes 3 Embioment products that create a healthy microbiome, a happy epidermis, and rebalance the complex microcosm on your skin. It also includes  6 designed products for Advanced Age Management. These are dynamic formulas for dramatic results. They lift, firm, and hydrate the way to glowing skin at any age.

DMK Skincare

DMK StemZymeTM

DMK MD also includes DMK StemZymeTM,  an intelligent biomimicry-based approach that is non-invasive, non-immunogenic, and clinically effective in activating epidermal stem cells. DMK StemZymeTM is an 8-step, systematic and enzymatic approach to activate one’s epidermal stem cells and guide them to differentiate into various skin cells like keratinocytes, fibroblasts, Langerhans cells, melanocytes, glial cells, Merkel cells, and subcutaneous fascia. DMK StemZymeTM is customized for the individual, as it activates one’s inherited Stem Cells. 

We will have more on the DMK StemZymeTM treatment, Barry will be doing a follow-up article after he visits a DMK clinic to experience the treatment. 

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