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dm Skincare Review from Barry’s 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Skincare Challenge – Barry’s dm Skincare Reviews

Need a serious and honest dm Skincare review?  Look no further! Barry’s using dm Skincare for the whole month of July.

We have worked with Dermamed Solutions, the manufacturer of dm skincare, for a few years and have written about their products and treatments many times.

 We love The dmGlow 

You know that we love the dmGlow, the 3 step treatment by Dermamed Solutions that features facial cupping, dual exfoliation and botanical infusion!  This incredibly therapeutic treatment adds holistic elements to the clinically effective modalities of microdermabrasion and acid peels.  By adding facial cupping and botanical infusions from dm Skincare into the treatment, Dermamed Solutions opened the door for the professional skin care industry to bridge the ancient healing arts with modern science.

When Dermamed Solutions asked Lipgloss +Aftershave to help them design a revolutionary treatment involving their pioneering microdermabrasion technology, Jenni + I were thrilled. I love that Dermamed Solutions is located right here in Philadelphia – makes us hometown proud!

It was the dmSkincare products that caught my eye at a skin care trade show a few years ago! Their full range of profession acid peels was the first thing that I noticed and then was drawn in by the extensive line of retail products!  I am drawn to anything anti-aging and dmSkincare had a lot to choose from!

I love receiving the dmGlow treatment! The facial cupping massage is incredibly relaxing, the acid peel and microdermabrasion are gentle enough for anyone, and leave the skin soft and smooth. The botanically rich products applied after the dual exfoliation are DELICIOUS!

You really can see instant results after one treatment – that’s because of the remarkable dm skincare products!

Barry Eichner

Lipgloss + Aftershave

Barry’s DM Skincare Reivew Daily Routine

Botana-Gel Cleanser
Botana-Scrub Cleanser
Green Tea Toner
Ageless CBD Lotion
Daily Eclipse SPF 30

Glycolic-Cream Cleanser
Botana-Scrub Cleanser
Green Tea Toner
Eye Brillaince
Clari-Tone Serum
Mandelic Serum
VitA-Clear Serum

I’ve listed out individual dm skincare reviews of each product in the list of products below.

Botana-Gel Cleanser

This cleanser is fresh and light!  It’s one of the few cleansers that has a rich, thick foaming lather, but never ever leaves the skin feeling as if it’s stripped of its natural oils.  It’s a pleasure to use!!!

Mild, gel-based cleanser containing light alpha and beta hydroxy acids for gentle exfoliation. Calming botanicals and aloe balance moisture, while removing oil and make-up. Anti-microbial ingredient, tea tree oil inhibits bacteria formation. A strong combination of vitamins C and E, white tea extract and bilberry fruit extract act as antioxidants. Bilberry is known to strengthen capillaries, an essential component in anti-aging, while cucumber extract offers soothing and softening properties to this gentle cleanser.

This cleanser leaves skin feeling deep cleaned and refreshed, without drying or stripping natural oils.

Botana-Scrub Cleanser

Ok, this scrub allows you to go really deep if you want!  The bamboo crystals have a really fine grit.  They pack a lot of punch or just gently whisk away gunk.  If there’s a day where you just know there’s build – up, you can apply more pressure to dig in.  

Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate skin utilizing natural bamboo crystals and glycolic/salicylic acids. This clarifying cleanser removes dead skin, absorbs oil, and brightens. Phytomoist™ and aloe help restore natural water balance and contribute antioxidant protection, which is critical, in the most oily skin types. This unique blend of ingredients will help improve texture and tone, leaving the skin looking revitalized and glowing.

Glyolic-Cream Cleanser

This was my first time trying this particular product to do my dm skincare review! I fell in love.  First, know that it has the consistency of a lotion, it’s not quite as viscous as a true cream.  Its got the same fresh and bright fragrance as its gel sister!  Again, a pleasure to use every day!  My skin drank up the hydrating benefits of the cream base, while my oily skin appreciated the acid to help keep the surface neat and clean!  

This exfoliating creamy cleanser helps to improve and refine skin texture and allows moisture to penetrate the skin. Beneficial for uneven, dry, and mature skin types, glycolic-cream cleanser removes dead cells and debris without irritation to reveal bright, balanced skin. Includes a combination of vitamins A, C and E to provide valuable antioxidants and soften and smooth skin.

Green Tea Toner

The uplifting and refreshing fragrance will draw you in and make you just want to use this toner!  I soaked a cotton round with this and applied liberally all over my face.  I loved knowing that I was giving my skin a nutritious cocktail of green tea with a shot of glycolic acid in heavy water to protect and resurface!  Skin felt great after! 

Glycolic toner blends a synergistic combination of peony root extract and heavy water to create superior skin softening and plumping. Green tea extract provides antioxidant protection and glycolic acid loosens cellular debris, cuts oil and encourages cell turnover. After use, skin feels smooth and taut and balanced.

Eye Brilliance

Less is more is the key phrase for this eye cream!  It’s got a gorgeous pearl shimmer to the rich, viscid consistency.  Apply a small amount directly after you apply the Green Tea Toner to your eye area.  The presence of the toner will allow your skin to drink in the Eye Brilliance!  You’ll notice your eyes shimmer a bit from the liquid crystals! 

This marriage of liquid oxygen and liquid crystals breathes life into tired skin around the eyes. Liquid crystals softly shimmer to brighten dull skin while acting as the delivery agent for a highly moisturizing formula which is proven to reduce the appearance of visible lines. Liquid oxygen plumps, hydrates and rejuvenates skin. Long term benefits include a reduction in the depth of existing lines and prevention of new wrinkles from repeated applications.

Ageless CBD Lotion

This lotion is a pleasure!  It’s light weight consistency allows your skin to drink it right in!  My skin felt soft and smooth after the applicaition.  It did not feel heavy or greasy and I’m oily and I used it in JULY!  

Prevent premature signs of aging with this light, antioxidant moisturizer. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and Hemp oil help preserve a youthful appearance while calming breakouts or irritated skin. This lotion leaves a weight-less finish making it a perfect choice for a variety of different skin types.

Clari-Tone Serum™

This amber colored, ultra light weight serum, spreads evenly and absorbs instantly. Its got zero scent and is packed with skin brighteners and tyrosinase inhibitors that we just love! 

This serum contains pigment lightening agents to block the overproduction of pigment where it is formed in the basal layer of the skin. Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, kojic acid, arbutin and peony extract are a powerful combination of clinically tested ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase activity. Antioxidant vitamin C gives added protection from environmental damage. Exfoliation is necessary to remove old surface pigmentation.

VitA-Clear Serum™

This serum has the consistency of an ultra light lotion.  Don’t stress, it soaks in perfectly!  It’s the gentle version of Retinol that you’ve always wanted!  I used every other day as directed and had ZERO reaction! I used opposite Mandelic Serum!

This serum helps to modulate oil secretions and also encourages healthy skin cell turnover, critical for anti-aging and acne management. A unique ester form of vitamin A found in the Granactive Retinoid Fluid® converts to tretinoic acid in the cells providing all the benefits of vitamin A gently. Retinol and retinyl palmitate round out this triple action vitamin A serum contributing strong antioxidant properties. This formula contains a healthy bacteria support system consisting of probiotic lactobacillus ferment and prebiotic inulin. This skin probiotic technology is added to help strengthen the skin’s barrier and encourage beneficial skin bacteria to flourish and crowd out blemish causing bacteria. 

Mandelic Serum

This serum has almost an almost water-like consistency.  Rich in Mandelic Acid, I used every other day opposite their Vitamin A product!  It was gentle enough for this level of use on my oily, mature skin.  No reaction or issues at all.  

This serum attacks blemishes at their root causes — excess oil production, bacterial overgrowth, and clogged pores. Mandelic acid is an AHA that exfoliates but does not irritate due to its oil solubility and large molecule size which allows for slower, more gentle skin penetration. In addition, pigment lightening has been reported with regular use of mandelic acid. Willow bark and salicylic derivatives give the serum astringent and keratolytic benefits, while botanical superstar, Alpiflor™ reduces sebum production. Mandelic serum offers cleaner pores and a brighter, smoother complexion, without irritation.


Ok, the team at dm Skincare was really excited for me to try this product.  They’d just reformulated it and are very proud of it.  

I was thrown when I first pumped it out – it’s got an amber, almost pearlized appearance.  It glides on like silk and my skin just pulled it in!  I saw a plumpness to fine lines when using this!  It’s a winner for cosmetic elegance and a winner for the ingredient technology!  You need to read this baby’s ingredient deck below!  

Unique, oil-free moisturizer which offers rosacea and anti-aging support to even the most sensitive skin types. Sodium hyaluronate provides superior moisture through its ability to penetrate deeply, deliver water and improve nutrient absorption. Endothelyol®, a new and revolutionary ingredient that controls all of the major skin inflammation factors – addressing both current and future vascular eruptions to reduce visible redness and signs of rosacea. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate offers vitamin C in a gentle form to aid leaky, inflamed blood vessels and provide substrate for new collagen production. Glucosamine HCl and bisabolol contribute anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenation support in this nutrient-rich formula packaged in a light, silky lotion that really makes a “difference” in skin tone and texture.

Daily Eclipse - SPF 30

I love this SPF.  Not greasy – no gross smell.  Spreads on the skin beautifully.  No residue!  Love that it protects against infrared radiation too! 

You’ll love this SPF, I PROMISE!  There’s a tinted version too!

Oil-free, physical sunscreen that uses no chemical sunscreen ingredients in the formula. Instead, it is formulated with micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for broad spectrum filtering (UVA and UVB). Lingostem™, an ingredient which comes from lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) stem cells, provides another level of protection from Infrared Radiation. Recent research suggests that IR radiation induces inflammation, premature skin aging, and cancer. Infrared radiation accounts for 50% of the exposure a typical person gets each day, as compared to just 7% coming from UVA and UVB. This mild barrier protection can be used after any strong skin treatment with no worry of burning or irritation, especially around the eyes. It leaves skin feeling smooth without a greasy residue.

More About dm Skincare

In 2012, professional spa equipment & clean-clinical skincare manufacturer, DermaMed Solutions, expanded into the public retail market with dmSkincare™, a comprehensive line of nutritious botanical skincare products.

All of their clean-clinical skincare products feature powerful antioxidants with active ingredients working together to optimize skincare results without irritation. Many active ingredients are obtained from botanicals and are blended to create highly effective anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin protective benefits.

All dmSkincare™ products are gluten, paraben, phthalate, sulfate and petroleum-free. Their products do not contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or dyes. They don’t sacrifice safety to achieve clinical activity in our products, rather we tap nature to bring your natural beauty to life!

They have formulated our clean-clinical skincare line by avoiding the 14 toxic ingredients found in many other skincare products. They never use these damaging ingredients in dmSkincare™:

Synthetic Fragrances







Chemical Sunscreens


Antibacterial Compounds

Synthetic Polymers

Synthetic Colors



dmSkincare™ is formulated and packed in the USA, and our finished product is never tested on animals.

dmSkincare™ products are Dermatologist tested, Aesthetician proven.

Their mission is to “uncover the brilliance that comes from comfort in your own skin”.  Let them help you find your comfort!

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