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Diary Of A Spa Junkie At A Resort Spa

It’s rare that I have the opportunity to get to a resort spa. They are a delicious treat that I save for truly special occasions.  They’re like chocolate cake or pizza.  I love them, but I don’t have them every day. 

I can’t tell you the number of spa treatments that I’ve had.  10 years of running a chain of spas and then nearly 10 years of consulting with in the spa industry. All of that combined with olympic lifting in my 40’s and a serious amount of vanity all add up to countless treatments.  

I’ve had almost every kind of massage and facial you can think of. Needless to say, I’ve been around the block a few times which has helped me refine the types of treatments that I love!  I am always excited to try something new, but, for the most part, on the regular, I have my favorite treatments.

Honestly, when it comes to getting a massage – I don’t want to relax.  I want to be afraid of my massage therapist.

I need help getting all of the muscles, ligaments and tendons loosened up so i don’t injure myself.  After a day of squatting, leg press and deadlifts, I can find some relaxation in a hot bath with epsom salts – I need a massage therapist to drive their elbow into my hamstring.  

When it comes to facials, I generally go to a spa for something super-charged, super new, or super innovative.  I’ll go to get a treatment with a device. For regular-degular facials, I love doing them here at the house. Creating protocols with different exfoliants, masks, serums and moisturizers is something that I love doing. 



While most of my time at the resort spa was spent working very hard on my tan, which is my absolute favorite thing to do on vacation.  I’m someone who is ALWAYS on the move.  I multi-task while making my morning coffee.  I love the opportunity to do absolutely NOTHING!  

Withhold your comments – I am an SPF Junkie.  #TotesPromise




This was a 5 night, 4 day cruise through the Caribbean.  I was desperate to be able to relax and be somewhere warm. I hate winter!  I wasn’t meant to be cooped up in the house in layers of lululemon to keep warm!  I need the sun and a view of the ocean.  My days started by walking the deck, listening to Oprah’s Master Class Podcast, while watching the sun rise with copious amounts of amazing coffee.  Then off to breakfast.  

Then using the ship’s gym for a vigorous workout, because the fitness center was combined with the spa, I was able to use the sauna in the men’s locker room everyday!  

After my workout, I would generally go to the Solarium which was next to the Spa on the ship and then soak in the hot tub and swim in the heated salt water pool.  It was almost like a ritual.

Then a healthy lunch.  I actually lost weight on vacation – #donthate

View images of the fitness center in gallery below, tap arrows to navigate.

This is the most amazing wellness vacation!  The Canyon Ranch at Sea truly creates an environment where you can take care of your Skin. Body. Soul.

View images of the men’s locker room in gallery below, tap arrows to navigate.

I treated myself to a delicious massage.  I booked a 50 minute Swedish massage.  The massage was super relaxing, but really light pressure.  The highlight of the treatment was the massage oil they used.  The Muscle Release Massage Oil from Shankara.  I fell in love with this brand at Spa Hive last year.  The fragrance was amazing! I left the oil on and went into the sauna after the treatment in hopes that the essential oils would absorb more deeply into my skin.

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Normally, I would use the regular sauna, however, the day of my massage, I was also allowed to use the Persian Garden, which was a special area with different style rooms for relaxing.  

“Explore our aquatic suite – where the pleasures are rivaled only by the benefits. From billows of aromatic steam to tropical rain showers, you’ll find a full range of rejuvenating aquatic experiences. Unwind before a spa treatment, relax after a class or workout, rejuvenate before a big night, or simply enjoy this unique, therapeutic environment at your leisure. Access to the Persian Garden is included with a Persian Garden pass. (Bathing suit required; robe and towels are provided.) Persian Garden designs and amenities vary on each vessel.”  Canyon Ranch Service Menu

View images of the Persian Garden in gallery below, tap arrows to navigate.

The day of my massage, I went extra hard in the gym.  Had the massage and then, I used a few rooms in the Persian Garden.  This was a really nice and added to the overall therapeutic effect.

All in all after 4 days at sea, with each day including:

  • morning meditation at sunrise
  • lots of delicious healthy food (and a few yummy sinful treats)
  • a great strength workout with a little cardio
  • an aromatherapy massage
  • visits to the dry sauna
  • visits to the Turkish Bath in the Persian Garden
  • daily soaks in the heated saltwater pool
  • daily soaks in the hot tub
  • lots of water
  • and a lot of time lounging in the sun

I’m here to tell you that this was truly one of the most relaxing wellness get-a-ways that I’ve ever had.  I was able to come back to reality fully refreshed and revived.  

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