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Devices + Advanced Skin Care Reign At IECSC West Palm

Devices + Advanced Skin Care Reign at IECSC West Palm

Huge Success, Thousands from Around The World Attended

Wow! All we can say is WOW! The IECSC West Palm was an incredible 2 days of education, fun, treasure hunts and cocktails. We’re calling the event a huge success with hundreds of brands present to greet thousands and thousands of professionals from all over the world! 

The L+A Treasure Hunt Was A Huge Success

We heard from estheticians and brands that the L+A Treasure Hunt was an overwhelming success! Everyone loved the connections that were made as estheticians roamed the exhibit hall looking for their treasures.  Brands had a great time sharing some of their best products with pros they’d never met before!  

Devices Are Now Required For Your Treatment Room

There’s no more denying it! Devices are now a requirement in your treatment room.  If you’re not using devices to enhance the skin care services that you’re offering – you’re not maximizing the results that you’re getting for your clients!

The advances in our industry are beyond what any of us could have imagined even 10 years ago. There are so many to choose from!

Our Top 10 Device Finds in West Palm 

1. Celluma LED Light Therapy in West Palm.
2. M.A.D Skincare was on hand with DermaJEM who was performing hydrodermabrasion treatments in conjunction with M.A.D Skincare’s Medi Peels.
3. Sesha Skin Therapy was performing their MesoBotanica Treatment.
4. Pro Med Solutions was showcasing their Cool Lifting device.
5. Artemis was performing treatments with their Plason.
6. EpiStep had their EpiFusion Hyaluronic Acid Infusion machine.
7. 360 Aesthetic Devices had NanoStamp 360 and Cry0-Lean 360.
8. Silhouet-Tone had their medical microdermabrasion device.
9. Geneo was performing treatments.
10. HydraFacial was on hand.


New Chemical Peels – New Peptide Rich Brands – New Pro Treatment Solutions 

It’s so exciting to watch the professional skin care industry continue to advance the science behind treatment room products and protocols! We love the advancements that brands are making in their research and development. We especially love it when they back these claims with scientific data!

Top 10 Advanced Skin Care at IECSC West Palm

1. Lira Clinical was on hand with their new Pure Peel. 
2. M.A.D Skincare had their new Fade Gel 6. 
3. FOS Skincare was introducing their new Medi-Collection.
4. ID Skin was showcasing their Acne Collection.
5. Dermastart was educating on their TCA Peel! 
6. Linder Health had their Polite Peel.
7. Medi-Derma was showcasing their huge assortment of chemical peels 
8. Circadia was showing their Pumpkin Perfecting Mask.
9. FACTORFIVE had their Nourishing Silk.
10. Dawn Lorraine Skincare featured her Organic Chemical Peels! 

Beauty + Waxing Continue To Thrive as We Enter 2023

There is no denying that beauty treatments including: make up, lashes, and brows are a huge growing part of the industry! Then when skin care professionals layer on the opportunities that come with intimate care and waxing – the options for your treatment menu become endless.

Top 10 Beauty And Waxing Brands at IECSC West Palm

1. Grande Cosmetics was on hand with their amazing collection of make up, lash enhancement serums and all-new gummy collection.
2. NaturaverdePro was on hand with their incredible wax collection.
3. Wu Aesthetics was there showcasing their award-winning RESTORE Serum.
4. Luka Cosmetics showcased their amazing primer kit.
5. Colore Me Perfect was educating on their color match system for foundations.
6. Hard Wax Solutions was showing off their glitter for their wax.
7. E.F Tropics was showing off their EpilFREE for after waxing.
8. Bryght was there with their intimate and anal bleaching kits.
9. Lash Luks was there with their vibrant lash collection. 
10. Ital-Wax showed up with a gorgeous booth to present their collection. 

An Amazing 5 Year Anniversary Party For L+A

The IECSC and L+A collaborated on an incredible 5 Year Anniversary Cocktail Party on Sunday to celebrate L+A’s 5 year’s of being in business. 

We were thrilled to be able to spend some time with everyone having cocktails, some munchies and enjoying some great music! 

We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! 

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