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All the Game Of Thrones fans in the house say hey……….

OMG, are you dying? The new trailer for the Final Season of the MEGA CULT FAVORITE HBO SERIES Game Of Thrones will be April 14th!  

Winter Is Here

I’m dying!  I’m obsessed with #GOT and can’t wait!  But, I’m also conflicted.  I mean, they’re saying Winter Is Here, but it will be airing in  April, so, it’s like almost Spring.  Also, can we talk about how the premier of #GOT will ease the sting of writing those big checks to the IRS?  Anyway, I digress!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy that the premier is in April… but, don’t you think it would have been more authentic if they released it in February – then it would have really been winter!  

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Think about it, had they released it in February when it was really winter… then Jon Snow and I could commiserate together on how to keep a dewy, luminous complexion, while facing down the blustery winter winds and freezing temperatures of Winter.  Please understand that I am not equating my having to walk to the gym in blistery cold 20 degree weather to Jon’s fate.  I mean, he’ll be fighting White Walkers and now a renegade blue-eyed dragon somewhere Beyond The Wall.  

Seriously, you’ve seen the show – you know what he’ll be dealing with.  You’ve seen the complexion of those White Walkers?  Their pH is seriously out of balance and they are in desperate need of some Hyaluronic Acid!  Just look at it – no luminosity in that skin what so ever! I mean, their skin is so dry it looks like chalk – it’s so white.  They could benefit from a good exfoliation and a truly scrumptious dose of hydration!    

Let’s talk about the ladies of #GOT. First, I’m not really interested in the beauty secrets of Cersei Lannister.  Cuz, for real, that cold hearted Queen has got the ONLY glow going on but she’s got the gorgeous weather in Kings Landing giving her life!  Want to get some real good advice on getting a wintery glow – your go-to girl is gonna be Sansa Stark.  That alabaster beauty, has flawless, dewey, even-toned skin and she’s fighting the good fight in the worst conditions at Winterfell.  

I don’t know why she’s crying.  Look at that skin.  Obvi, she’s got a genetic leg up on all of us.  But if you want to get even close to that level of glow in the winter time, you’ll need some truly exceptional products.  I reached out to my team of skincare gurus and told them that i was desperately seeking hydration!  And once again, my team delivered!  Here’s 5 products to get you a glow this winter! 

This Week’s Pop 5 Products To Hydrate In Winter!

HydroPeptide – Hydroflora

Probiotic Essence – This newly launched product is part of HydroPeptide’s new Detox Collection.  Incredibly unique in it’s approach to hydrating – it contains ingredients that are more likely found in hydrating beverages – want to know what they are Click Here


Hale & Hush Saffron Meristem Cream 

Sensitive Skin?  Got Rosacea? Need a moisturizer that you can use that won’t be reactive?  Want a fan favorite that you know will help to jump start your skin and hydrate?  Find out why Hale & Hush uses Meristems – Click Here

Saian Skincare’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Have you tried?  Dasha at Saian Skincare did an amazing job with this product.  I am never without a HA on my bathroom vanity.  Saian created an HA that I’ve used can with literally dozens of other serums and moisturizers.  Get to know this amazing hydrating product   –  Click Here.

GlyMed’s Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

 Huge shout out to my girl Sarah at GlyMed for feeding my lip balm addiction.  She gave me one of GlyMed’s Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm’s at a NASNPRO event and I was hooked.  I gave one to Jenni, who is now a total convert too!  Want to know why – Click Here.



dmSkincare’s Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer

This moisturizer is like putting a whipped mousse on your skin.  It’s so light and fluffy!  It sinks right into your skin and leaves you feeling perfectly hydrated!  dmSkincare uses 2 key moisturizing ingredients to achieve this consistency – want to know what they use Click Here.



As we go through winter, you can try these 5 products to help give you a #GOT GLOW!  

Thank you to dmSkincare, GlyMed, Hale & Hush, HydroPeptide, and Saian Skincare for sponsoring this article.

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