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Prana SpaCeuticals Starts New Trend


Prana SpaCeuticals™ is a revolutionary skin-care line created by Cherie Dobbs, President and CEO of Dermastart, Inc. Cherie Dobbs has made it her mission to produce products that rejuvenate the face and body as well as become a catalyst for other businesses to discover new trends in spa care.

Cherie did it again, after the success the BanAcne collection and the Mushroom collection and the craze created with Dirty Lash – Cherie continues to be a change maker in the skincare industry by openly talking about premenstrual acne.  She’s come up with an innovative multi-step system to help treat premenstrual acne.


Let’s talk Premenstrual Acne!

Researchers have discovered acne inflammation actually increases by 25% in the week prior to menstruation.

What is Premenstrual Acne?

Get to know your skin cycle, so you can stop monthly breakouts for good! Crazy Hormones amp up oils that trigger an abundance of bacterial inflammation. Sticking to a skin care routine, even when you’re acne-free, will help prevent pimples next month.

Why do I have Premenstrual Acne?

It’s a battle of the dominant hormone that creates a toxic overload making your skin look and feel imbalanced.

Know When to Pop and Know When to Stop?

Pushing and squeezing will only irritate and potentially bursts below the skin causing a risk for scarring.

You’re Cramping my Style!

PMS related symptoms arrive in a collection of aches & pains and they all have one thing in common hormonal imbalance. Girls are warriors; don’t allow your monthly visit to interfere with your daily activities!

Pause Monthly Symptoms from Prana SpaCeuticals is a multi step system designed to help manage premenstrual acne.

STEP 1 – Hello Glow Cleanser

Hello Glow Cleanser contains bacterial fighting acids & botanicals that combat the extra hormonal oil that resides in your pores. Daily cleansing controls excess sebum and annoying PMS blemishes.

STEP 2 – Pore Me Polish

Pore Me Polish adds exfoliation to your skin care routine. Using prior to your cycle, Pore Me Polish draws out and traps 2x more dirt, oil, yucky left over make-up, and other bacterial forming impurities. It’s more than a basic cleanser for deeply cleaned, tingly smooth skin.

STEP 3 – No Time Sleeping Masque

No Time Sleeping Masque contains maximum levels of plant-based sulfur. This natural mineral helps to penetrate inflamed pores. Using weekly will dry and clear up existing acne along with preventing new blemishes from forming, all while you SLEEP.

NEXT STEPS – As Needed

Punch Out Spot Treatment

Punch Out Spot Treatment is for the anticipation of any rogue pop-ups!

Step Get me Through the Day! – Don’t Cramp on Me Cream

Get me Through the Day! Don’t Cramp on Me cream helps to seriously alleviate the PMS discomforts. When you need a little extra support to get you through the day!

Prana SpaCeuticals™ intends on being the energy that will “Breathe Life into Your Skin” through the use of invigorating, all-natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to target unique skin concerns.

Thank you to Dermastart for sponsoring this article.

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