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DermaMed Solutions Announces New Imaging Device + 2 New Products 

Blue Tansy Mist
An antioxidant mist/spray for cooling relief with anti-microbial benefits.

This spray features powerhouse blue tansy- a plant that aids in clearing congested pores, killing off pimple- causing bacteria, and reducing redness making it one of the best ingredients for acne-prone skin. This spray works wonders for acne, backne, maskne, post wax or shaving + folliculitis.  Available now in retail size 120 ml/4 oz spray bottle. 

D20 Mist
Hydrates the cells and gives skin an environment to heal and repair.

A liquid fusion of botanical extracts blended with deuterium oxide, which is naturally occurring at the bottom of lakes and has a “wetter than water” hydration activity. Additional ingredients intensify moisture + oxygen, giving the skin an environment to heal and repair.

D20 uses Sodium PCA, a humectant due to its moisture binding abilities. Non-comedogenic + non-allergenic; recommended for dry, delicate + sensitive skin. Available now in retail size 120 ml/4 oz spray bottle.

See Dermamed Solutions Skin Care

Provide true photo analysis for planning + evaluating facial rejuvenation treatments + skin care regimens.

PEAR 3D Benefits
-Takes consultations to a higher level
-Offers an effective marketing tool
-Improves client satisfaction
-Increases treatment room bookings
-Helps increase revenue through additional services/products
-Validates treatment plans
-Uncovers future problem areas
-Suggests recommended preventative procedures
-Provides consistent, comparative analysis


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