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DermaJEM Spa Equipment’s 2 Machines You Need To Know

Get To Know DermaJEM Spa Equipment

Need spa equipment? Then look to DermaJEM, this all-female owned company launched in 2020 with a commitment to building relationships with their spa partners! DermaJEM wants to be part of helping their clients find solutions tailored to their business and clientele.  Their goal is for their customers to always feel that they have a spa expert that they can call, to help them succeed.  

The DermaJEM Spa Equipment We’re Obsessed With

DermaJEM offers nearly a dozen different pieces of spa equipment! But there are 2 specific machines that we saw and thought – we need to talk about these!  Seriously, we love spa equipment, devices, tools and are just all-around technology junkies!  Being able to tell our community about these 2 incredibly versatile machines that will help improve the overall quality of services AND increase the amount of treatments you can offer AND increase the amount of skin situations you can treat has us so excited!

We love these machines because they give your treatment room so much versatility!  You can take your skincare treatments to the next level. These 2 machines will allow you to create customized facials by adding in different modalities to all treatments to create a truly unique client experience! 

The DermaJEM Alto 8 in 1 Skincare System

spa equipment

The Alto 8 in 1 Skincare System is a multifunctional facial machine is essential for any esthetic practice. It features 8 advanced functions that will take your facials to the next level!


  • Microdermabrasion
  • Radiofrequency
  • Needle-free mesotherapy
  • Eye mesotherapy
  • Oxygen infusion
  • Skin scrubber
  • Vacuum therapy
  • Cold therapy

This combination will allow you to create and customize every facial to your client’s needs. Best of all this combination of functions doesn’t have a high cost of consumables, so you will get a return on your investment quickly!

Jenni’s Been Using The Alto 8 in 1 Skincare System

Jenni’s has the Alto in her home office and has had a chance to use it and really get to know it!  She’s been loving it and here’s what she had to say. We recently featured the Alto 8 in 1 in our POP Article – 5 Special Event Facials To Glow Like A Pro

“When I first started using the Alto 8 in 1 there was a small learning curve, but with the DermaJEM training, I was able to start performing treatments in no time!  The one thing I noticed is that the suction had power!  So proceed with caution at first!  It’s small and compact and will fit on a small side table or cart.” 

“I found that I could use it on any client, my Mother-In-Law, my son and my husband – all with very different skin types [sensitive, mature and congested]!”

“The best part about the Alto 8 in 1 is that it gives an esthetician the ability to incorporate it into virtually any existing treatment. You can upgrade your treatments by incorporating just ONE of the modalities for the extra experience.  You can also create an entire protocol using several of the modalities.”  

Check out Jenni’s Instagram Story on the Alto 8 in 1. Here’s an Instagram Reel that Jenni did to showcase the Alto 8 in 1

The DermaJEM Neptune 6 in 1 Hydro-Infusion System

spa equipment

The Neptune 6 in 1 Hydro-infusion System a perfect blend of modalities that can take your Spa or Esthetics practice to the next level. 

Neptune Functions

  1. Hydrodermabrasion
  2. Oxygen Jet
  3. Ultrasound infusion
  4. Hot Therapy
  5. Cold Therapy
  6. RadioFrequency


The most popular treatment right now on the market is Hydrodermabrasion. It is a deep but gentle exfoliation of the skin using both mechanical and chemical exfoliation to really bring out bright refreshed skin. But the Neptune gives you so many more options than that. It allows you to really customize your facial treatments to give your clients so much more than just hydrodermabrasion. With 5 other essential functions to an incredible facial. 

Can you imagine the custom and signature treatments you can create with the Neptune Hydro-infusion system? The possibilities are endless.

Watch Replay Of Webisode with DermaJEM

Give Clients A Glam-Glow with DermaJem

Help clients with very different skin situations find gorgeous, glamorous firm, glowing skin using a these devices!  

Hydrodermabrasion gives an instant glow to dull, lifeless skin. Radiofrequency will firm, tighten and plump the skin making it more radiant. Cold therapy will calm and soothe sensitive or irritated skin so it can function at optimal levels and glow beautifully.

Watch Now

6 Reasons To Trust DermaJEM For Spa Equipment

DermaJEM is different!  They have 6 pillars to their customer service that set them apart!

  1. 30-month Warranty on All Equipment
    They’ll stand behind the spa equipment that they sell!
  2. Complimentary Business Planning Session
    Co-Founder Jamie Quiles offers a 45 minute Business Planning Session with you to help you get set up for success!  She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with an advertising and public relations focus, an MBA in marketing, and a Juris Doctor in law.


  3. Personalized Training (We Will Train and Certify on the Equipment)
    The DermaJEM team has incredible virtual training that they conduct from the set of their Florida-based skincare recording studio set! 
  4. Manuals Included with All Equipment
    You’ll always have a go-to manual at your finger tips to review your DermaJEM Spa Equipment.
  5. Protocols Included with All Equipment
    Don’t stress how to use the equipment in treatments!  DermaJEM takes the guess work out of your skincare treatments by providing protocols for you!
  6. Marketing Support
    DermaJEM is there for you every step of the way with ongoing marketing support!

Meet The DermaJEM Founders

spa equipment

Jamie Quiles

spa equipment

Elizabeth Camacho

Jamie Quiles

Co-Founder, Operations Director

Jamie Quiles has the vision to impart business people with the valuable tools they need to experience lasting success. Throughout the span of over a decade, Jamie has served in multiple leadership roles, from business development manager to general manager. She has gained the first-hand experience she needs to effectively ensure business expectations are greatly exceeded.

In addition to her lifelong passion for business and proven expertise, Jamie Quiles holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with an advertising and public relations focus, an MBA in marketing, and a Juris Doctor in law. She is also certified in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, and 4 Disciplines of Execution. Jamie is here to help you succeed by instilling you with an unwavering sense of determination.

Elizabeth Camacho

Co-Founder, Sales and Education Director

Elizabeth began her career in beauty while in college at Florida State University. She began working in makeup with MAC cosmetics and, after she graduated, moved back home to Miami and continued her career in the makeup industry with private clients, print, and fashion shows.

After getting her esthetics license, her career took her into professional spa product sales and training, spending the majority of her time making connections with other estheticians and business owners, helping them to grow their knowledge in both the business of owning a spa and in new treatment training. Finding a passion for empowering others with the tools and focus to grow their own businesses into thriving local and destination spas.

Thanks to DermaJEM for sponsoring this article.  

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